Sanders Science

Science Overview

8th grade is an important year for science! We are still learning a little bit about a lot of topics. Science is our foundation for better understanding of how the world around us works. The more you learn and understand, the more interesting it becomes. I cannot wait to share my love of science with you this year!

Some lab photos from your 6th grade year!

Escape Room Fun!

About me

This will be my 8th year in Sealy ISD! I have taught 4th grade science/ss, 5th grade math/science, 6th grade science, and 8th grade science.

When I decided I wanted to teach, I gravitated toward science (I had a fantastic 7th grade Life Science teacher)! I love knowing how the world around me works.

As you can see, I am married, with three kids (who are all taller than me now), and three dogs!