Mrs. Isley's


About Me

My name is Fran Isley. This is my 8th year here at Southeast Warren. I am usually in the Resource room but can also be found in the math room. At home I have been married to my high school sweetheart for the past 12 years. I also have two beautiful smart funny kind children. I received my undergraduate degree from Northwest Missouri State University and my masters from Morningside.

Other things about me are....

Family: Eric (husband) Summer (7 year old daughter) Logan (4 year old son)

Drake and Lolo (Dogs) Peaches (Turtle)

Hobbies: Running, baking, watching football, basketball, and baseball, boating, fishing


NFL - Patriots

NCAA- FB Michigan BB Kentucky - Bearcats Everything

Pie- Peach

Color - Blue

Holiday - 4th of July

Weekly Specials Below you will find information about special events or things going on around Southeast Warren Junior Senior High School

2nd Term Week 4 - sports madness has arrived here at the school with our high school winter sport starting today. Changes in the lunch room have been fun too. New salads and drink options have really brought a new life to the school menu.

2nd Term Week 3 - Back to a full week of school. Hopefully conferences have gone well for everyone. Junior high sports have started allowing students to work on improving their basketball and wrestling skills.

2nd Term Week 2 - Conference Week!! Shortened days Tuesday - Thursday and no school Friday

2nd Term Week 1 - The start of the 2nd term begins today. Football is over and there are 2 weeks until JH basketball and wrestling get started. Parent Teacher conferences will be next week. Call the office to get those set up with your desired teachers.

Week 9 - All grades are due by Friday!! The "quarter" is over

Week 8 - We have made it!!! This is the last week of the quarter for Junior High students and it is the midpoint for high school classes! It's been a long ride and we've learned a lot on this journey.

Week 7 - Quarter 1 of block scheduling. The junior high students will change classes then to explore different classes then.

Week 6 - The end of the quarter is quickly approaching!! October 21st is the last day so now is the time to really focus if your grade is down. Work work work.

Week 5- Grade drop is this Friday. Reminder if a student is on the F list they need to attend at least two of the mandatory study sessions that are before or after school to officially remove themselves from the list.

Week 4- Students were able to work themselves off the D or F list this past week. This program has really helped students improve their grades and there is clearly a strong desire by the students to improve their scores.

Week 3- We've survived our first grade drop!! This week we can really settle into a normal routine. This will be a normal week with the only unusual thing going on is the pep rally on Friday.

Week 2: Homecoming!!! This is a fun filled week for both students and staff.

Monday - Class color

Tuesday- 80s day

Wednesday - Red Carpet

Thursday - Pjs day

Friday - Spirit Day

Week 1: School is starting on Wednesday with 3 early outs in a row!! It's also Homecoming so HOORAY