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aRE YOU READY TO receive the tools and skills to become COMPLETELY ELIGIBLE AND SUCCESSFUL at a four-year college or university?

The mission of AVID at Torrey Pines High School is to ensure an environment of student success.  We strive to provide a rigorous AVID curriculum to support a four-year college preparatory path (A-G coursework); to provide opportunities for honors/Advanced Placement coursework, leadership, community service, and personal development; to promote student accountability; and to encourage independent, thoughtful learners who collaborate in developing critical thinking skills


An Intervention, Hand Holding, Study Hall, In Lieu Of Or An Additional Support Class, A Course With No Homework

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AVID Flyer - English

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AVID Flyer - Spanish

"A significant educational study that I have had the opportunity to be a part of is AVID. Before I joined this class my sophomore year, I was struggling. Whether it was time management, subjects I didn’t understand, or dealing with the stress of school, I was sinking. AVID allowed me to learn the skills that have helped me transform from a middle B average student to almost all A’s. I had tried other sources to get help, from tutoring centers to at-home tutoring. It was AVID that made the difference. The reason that AVID helped me so much is that the faculty really try to connect with the student. This made me feel like they cared about me and gave me confidence. I also had the opportunity to have a counselor who only dealt with AVID class members. My counselor was able to help me along my journey by deciding which classes were the best fit for me. This helped with my academics immensely. She designed a path for me to follow to allow me to achieve my future career goals, whether it is accounting, marketing, or international business. These resources that AVID provides are available to anyone, but very few students take a chance on that they perhaps don't fully understand. AVID allowed me to end up becoming a much better person, student, and leader. I was even elected to be our AVID club treasurer,  allowing me to have a voice in our meetings and helping to decide what we allocate our money towards. My personal highlight of AVID was our college trip during sophomore year. Our trip allowed our class to visit fifteen colleges over the course of three days in California. I had the opportunity to tour a handful of University of California schools including Los Angeles, Irvine, and San Diego. Getting to see the campuses and the encouragement from our teacher is what really convinced me that I could actually attend a University. AVID made me realize that my dreams were actually possible to achieve.

- Class of 2022 AVID student