Advanced Data Assimilation

High-fidelity Simulations in the era of data

Qi Wang (CV)

Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering, San Diego State University

Research Interest: adjoint-based data assimilation, Machine-learning-based ROM, particle-shock interactions, extreme event detection, Gaussian Process Regression, Hamiltonian Markov Chain

Ph. D. Students

Zejian You

Ph. D. Student

Research interest: Gaussian Process Regression, Adjoint-based data assimilation, automatic differentiation


Mohamed Amine Abassi

Co-advised Ph. D. Candidate with Professor Xiaofeng Liu

Research interest: Adjoint-based data assimilation, omni-directional integration


Daniel Domínguez Vázquez

Co-advised Ph. D. Candidate with Professor Gustaaf Jacobs

Research interest: Adjoint-based particle forcing reconstruction, particle-shock interactions


Master Students

Michael Sanders

Research interest: Auto Encoder in turbulence, reduce-order models


Undergraduate Students

Ivonne Arriaga

Eduardo Sanchez