Jess Humphrey

My movement research began in childhood with gymnastics and continues with dancemaking from various, shifting perspectives and states of body~mind. My dances are expressions of my engagement with contemplative and somatic practices, Integral Theory, Practice-as-Research models, and reverence for the work of those within whose lineages I am grateful to move. In addition to a decade of collaborating with Eric Geiger and Leslie Seiters in multiple contexts, I have shared in the creation of multiple dances (as director, choreographer, and/or performer) over the past 20 years with many others including Guillermo Gómez-Peña/La Pocha Nostra, Sara Shelton Mann, and LIVE. I am a Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA), have studied Body-Mind Centering® since 2003, am currently certifying as a Somatic Movement Educator through the School for Body-Mind Centering®, and continue to learn through teaching at SDSU. A question driving my work in the studio lately: How might focusing on experience make this experiment more accessible?

Eric Geiger

I dance and make dances in an attempt to make sense of the world around me. I am a full-time faculty member at UCSD, in the Department of Theatre and Dance, where the courses I guide question what dance is and can be. I was a company member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, The Lyon Opera Ballet, and McCaleb Dance, directed by Nancy McCaleb . As a Feldenkrais Method practitioner, I have come to understand how to move using only as much effort as needed, moment to moment. As a dancemaker, I am a collaborator. I’ve made dances with Anya Cloud, Karen Schaffman, Liam Clancy, Leslie Seiters and my most frequent collaborator and dance partner Jess Humphrey.

Chloë Freeman

Chloë Freeman is a dancer, musician, and teacher. Unschooled her entire life until attending college, she developed a passion for intuitive learning and alternative education, and she explores these interests in her teaching and dance making. Formal instruction during childhood was exclusively in music (classical piano) which she began training in at the age of eight and teaching at the age of fourteen. Ten years later, Chloë now runs her own business teaching piano. In 2015, Chloe received her BFA in Dance from San Diego State University. She was recognized as Outstanding Graduate in Dance in 2015 and a Dance Alumni to Watch in 2017. Chloe is part of LIVE, a group of dance artists in San Diego devoted to spontaneous dance making. This is Chloë’s first semester as a lecturer in Dance at SDSU.

Zack King

Zack King is a performing artist with emphases in dance and acting. He holds a BFA in Dance and a Minor in Theater from San Diego State University. Zack's exploration of the creative process began in 2004 with poetry and has continued through dance making, acting, and filmmaking. His ambitions include developing a successful YouTube channel, creating dance film, joining SAG, and collaborating with other artists to make exciting, impactful work.

Nhu Nguyen

Nhu Nguyen began her professional dance career at the age of eight in her hometown, Vietnam. For over seven years, she worked with Hochiminh city’s Ballet Symphony and Orchestra (Vietnam) while pursuing her education at Vietnam’s National School of Dance and Choreography. Since her migration to the United States in 2012, she had joined transcenDANCE Youth Art Project as a youth performer before she became their teaching artist and choreographer. In 2017, Nguyen was named the Outstanding Graduate of San Diego State University’s Dance Division and received her BFA in Dance and minor in Visual Art. She has since co-produced Make It, a process of dancemaking and peer discussion with alumni of SDSU Dance Division and other regional artists. Nguyen is a teaching artist for several creative youth art organizations in San Diego including transcenDANCE Youth Art Project and A Step Beyond, and is a teaching artist in residence at Hoover High and a member of San Diego Dance Connect Steering Committee. One of Nguyen’s ongoing interest is create unique works that stem from her on-going practice of exploring and exposing the human instincts through Contact Improvisation and live problem solving.

Dimitris Paganos Koukakis

Dimitris Paganos Koukakis was born in Athens, Greece and took his first private piano lessons and Greek traditional dance lessons at the age of seven. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the Ionian University, Department of Music Studies and a Master of Music in Music Performance (Piano) from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. He is currently a DMA candidate in Contemporary Music Performance at the University of California in San Diego. He is a teaching assistant, piano instructor and active performer working for music and dance productions in Greece and the USA.

Toni James

Toni James As a collaborative artist, Toni has performed as pianist with some of the US’ finest instrumentalists including violinist Rachel Barton Pine, members of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and Neave Trio, being presented as a showcase artist at Chamber Music America’s 37th Annual Conference in NYC. Featured on Robert Sherman’s Young Artists Showcase on WNYC on WQXR and Live with Kathy Fuller on WGBH Radio, Toni has also been recipient of several national and international grants including the ACMP Chamber Music Network, Mizel Family Foundation, San Diego State University’s President’s Leadership award and the Scottish Arts Council. She won prestigious scholarships in her home country and has been a Caird, Cross Trust, Hope Scott Trust and Friends of Scotland scholar, as well as being nominated by a cultural arts committee for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts in the Daily Record Newspaper’s 2012 Young Scot of the Year award.

2019-20 University Dance Company

From top left: Lily Kraus, Mackenzie Torquato, Arianna Cruz, Alexis Pournaras, (director Jess Humphrey), Anthony Reyes. Row 2: Regina Taylor, Valeria Alvarez Alvarez, Emily Caplan, Jackie Zogas, (Jess's daughter, Hazel Humphrey). Row 3: Vivi Velez-Vasquez, Sofia Zepeda, Jaiana Bugayong

University Dance Company The cast of the University Dance Company at SDSU brought the Feeling research to its second stage with Still Feeling.