Postcard Collection


We are trying to collect all 50 states. Please help us meet our goal. Postcards help us with mapping skills.

We need 29 more states.

We have received a total of 39 postcards. Thank you!

List of Postcards:

Jackson received 1 from North Carolina, Florida, Washington, Alabama, Oklahoma, California and 2 from Arizona.

Valerie received 1 from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nevada & 5 from Arizona.

Keiren received 1 from Florida, Oklahoma & Montana.

Carter received 1 from Hawaii, California, Tennessee & Maryland and 2 from Arizona .

Caitlin received 2 from New York & 1 from Washington, Indiana, Virginia & Florida.

Mrs. Brever received 1 from: Florida, Maine, Washington, DC, Virginia, South Dakota & Vermont.

Our class receieved 1 from Illinois.

Countries We Have: