Summer School

The School District of Ladysmith Summer Skills Academy provides the opportunity for students to maintain skills learned in previous school years as well as learning new ones. The School District of Ladysmith receives reimbursement from the state of Wisconsin for every day students attend the Summer Skills Academy. Below you will find a a variety of information on the School District of Ladysmith Summer Skills Academy.

Benefits of Summer Skills Academy

1. It meets the needs of students for continued work in core academic areas as well as enrichment areas.

2. It provides for extended use of school facilities and resources through the summer months.

3. It responds to the criticism that the school year throughout the United States is considerably shorter than in other leading countries. The additional opportunities that the Summer Skills Academy provides for students helps to increase the instruction time students can receive throughout the year.

4. It provides a great opportunity for remedial instruction as well as gaining credit towards graduation for high school students.

Attendance Requirements

Students are encouraged to enroll in the Summer Skills Academy and to attend as much as possible within each session that is offered. The SDL Summer Skills Academy realizes that it is not always possible to attend every day of the summer due to a variety of reasons. We encourage students and families to come as often as possible once they have committed to attending the program.

Any student wishing to enroll in the Summer Skills Academy should return the enrollment form to their respective school on the dates provided on the form.

Summer Skills Registration

Registration forms are enclosed within this document for each respective session. Please be sure to fill out ALL of the information as requested. It helps in the scheduling process as well as making it easier for us to respond to a potential emergency situation in an efficient manner. The registration forms MUST done online through Google Forms. Forms must be entered by May 1st, 2018.


Summer Skills Academy classes are primarily supported by state aid based on student attendance. Courses such as Driver's Education Safety, Hunter's Education Safety, Bow Hunter's Education Safety, and ATV Safety have a $10 fee made payable to the Wisconsin DNR.

Summer Skills Academy Sessions and Dates

Session I-June 11-June 29, 2018

Located at Ladysmith Middle & High School for students who have recently finished grades Pre-K through 11. This session provides opportunities for students who are seeking enrichment opportunities as well as remedial work in various course areas.

Session II-July 9-July 27, 2018 (Note this will be held at Ladysmith Middle and High School)

Located at Ladysmith Middle & High School for students who have recently finished grades Pre-K through 5. This session provides opportunities for students who are seeking enrichment opportunities as well as remedial work in various course areas.

All Day Summer School

Starting in 2018 we will be offering an all day Summer Program. The morning program will run as in past years with courses running from 8:30-10:10 and 10:10-11:50. At this time students will have swim lessons or lunch and then have activities in the afternoon until 3:30pm. These activities will be teacher planned and will include core academic areas as well as fun enrichment activities. Students MUST be picked up promptly at 3:30pm, due to staff constraints.

Special Education & Related Services

Special education and related services are available for the School District of Ladysmith for those students whose IEP states that they qualify for Extended School Year (ESY) services under the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA). Services, accommodations, and settings are ESY/IEP decision and may include transportation as a related service. Contact your child’s IEP case manager for more information.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The School District of Ladysmith does not discriminate against otherwise qualified students on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.

Please direct inquiries or concerns related to the application of the District’s policy of nondiscrimination to the District Administrator.

Students with disabilities who are not ESY eligible, but whose disabilities require accommodations for the Summer Skills Academy, must indicate their need on the Summer Skills Academy registration form(s). Reasonable accommodations will be provided when needed.


Summer is just around the corner! Once again we have many courses filled with activities. These courses are designed to actively involve each child in learning. We hope these course offerings will be a positive addition to your summer experiences. Please note the following important information:

All classes will be held at Ladysmith High School and will meet Monday through Friday.

  • The grade level indicated in the course description is the grade the student has completed this spring.
  • Enrollment in classes is limited and will be a first come-first serve basis.
  • All students are eligible to enroll in more than one course, depending on the schedule of the classes chosen. Please ensure that your student signs up for one course in each time slot.
  • Please do not allow your child to be at school when he/she is not enrolled in a class. There is no additional supervision provided.


  • The School District of Ladysmith will once again sponsor a breakfast/lunch program at the Ladysmith Middle & High School cafeteria during both Summer Skills Academy sessions.
  • Meals are free to all students under the age of 18.
  • Breakfast will be served from 7:45-8:15 a.m. in the High School cafeteria. Lunch will be served from 11:30-12:30.

Students signed up for afternoon swim classes:

  • Any students signed up for the 12:00 swimming class will be dismissed from class at 11:30 to eat lunch before swimming begins.
  • Students in the 12:30 or 1:00 swimming lessons will be dismissed at 11:50 to eat lunch in the cafeteria before lessons begin.