EAST @ Hellstern

What is EAST?

EAST Stands for Environmental and Spatial Technology, but what is EAST?

EAST is a student-led , project based class where students come up with problems to solve in their community and use technology within the classroom to solve those problems. Using teamwork and initiative they have accomplished many amazing things!

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Our story:

EAST @ Hellstern Middle School started in 2014. We have had many projects along the way and several of them have continued through the years. Some have changed and evolved into even bigger projects. Each year we continue to add new projects and improve on the old. EAST students @ Hellstern Middle School believe that traditions are important and that this is our family. Many students return to help new students with old projects and the new students are always eager to carry on the traditions of the students before them. Changing things together has become our mission and theme. We believe that one person can make a difference and with the help of our EAST '"family" we can change the world.

How to apply:

6th graders at Hellstern not Currently in EAST apply here. 5th Grade Apps due April 30!

Quarantined or Blended?

Assignments are all in google classroom.

Our Projects:

We have many small and large projects. Some as small as Lost and clean and some as large as mapping and creating 360 videos of the ZOO!

On Going Projects:

  • Match My Memories

  • Hand Chat

  • Littering Project

  • Forest Fires

  • Hard Hits

  • After Shelter

  • Healthy Living

  • Say Hi

  • Teach Me How To

  • Be A Friend

  • Patching Police

  • Learning Music

  • First Aid

  • Student Needs

  • Safe Text

  • Clean + Claimed

  • Band Aids

            • Canine Classmates

            • Garden

            • Civil War Comes to Life

            • Cleat Swap

            • Sergeant Friendly

            • Prairie Grove Website

            • Springdale Dog Park

            • Snack Time

            • School Events

            • Genealogy

            • Italy

            • Paper Bags

            • Fostercare/ Aftercare

            • Depression Apps

            • House Museum

            • Dyslexia

            • Give a Hand


At EAST Conference 2019, we won the founders award. We represent this award by having _ amazing projects, _ hard working students, and one great facilitator, Ms. Pena. Eleven of our students went to conference the year we won founders. Each worked very hard to come up with a design, and make it happen. EAST cares more about the project and information, then the look. Thanks to this, we got into the finals and won the highest accomplishment an EAST program can achieve.

We have won many other accommodations through EAST, but our biggest accomplishment is the environment of a family that we have created and continue throughout our programs years. We have students in Har-Ber High School that continue to come back and check on "their" program.