Social Justice Club

Community Art as Activism!

Next Up... Day of Silence, Earth Day, and Stand Against Racism

The Day of Silence on April 12th is a national movement to protest discrimination and silencing of LGBTQ people. Read more about The Day of Silence here.

Earth Day is April 22nd and is a chance to get vocal about saving the environment. Consider attending this event at Skokie Public Library!

Stand Against Racism on April 25th is a national movement to build community among those fighting racism. Read more about Stand Against Racism here.

Next Up... The Book Fair

Volunteers are needed to help make the return of the Book Fair as successful as possible! Opportunities to get involved will be discussed at the April 3rd meeting so please join us.

Next Up... Project H.E.L.P.

We will be developing our empathy and learning how we can help the homeless population in our area. Come to the meeting on May 1st to find out how to get involved. See how one local community activist did it!

Check out this slideshow for more pictures!

Social Justice Club WRAD 2019

McCracken students visited Meyer classrooms to read picture books that promote kindness, encourage inclusion, and celebrate diversity!

Celebrate diversity, learn about global issues and discover the power of activism with the

Social Justice Club!

We explore opportunities to make the world a better place for everyone & have a lot of fun while we are at it...

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month.

3-3:55 in the HEALTH ROOM

September 5th

October 10th

November Meeting cancelled

December 5th

January 9 and 30th

February 1st: World Read Aloud Outreach to Meyer!

March 6th

April 3rd

May 1st

Always be sure to sign in when you attend a meeting!

Reading is a perfect way to expand your knowledge of different cultures, religions, and lifestyles.

By connecting with stories, we build empathy and understanding for the beautifully diverse people and variety of problems that we see in our world.

Books are an important tool in our work to promote Social Justice and create change!

Click this link to browse a list of book suggestions...

Are you asking yourself...What is Social Justice anyway?