Mme Tate

Core French and Reading Recovery teacher

Prospect Lake Elementary School


This website is a collection of resources for students to explore and practice their French from home. All content has been previewed by Mme Tate and is relevant to the Kindergarten - Grade 5 program of studies.

BIG IDEAS in the new curriculum for Core French

  1. Listening and viewing with intent helps us acquire French.
  2. Both verbal and non-verbal cues contribute meaning in language.
  3. Reading helps us make connections to what we have already learned through oral language.
  4. With basic French, we can describe ourselves and our interests.
  5. Reciprocal communication is possible in French using simple, high-frequency words and patterns.
  6. Each culture has traditions and ways of celebrating.

GREETINGS (les salutations)

French Greetings Song for Children - Bonjour!.mp4
Bonjour, Bonjour! - alain le lait (French greetings).mp4
Salut - Le clown Alexandre_Paul Langel.mp4
Comment ca va le dinosaure_.mp4
Bonjour Monsieur (Matt Maxwell).mp4
Comment Ça va Juli Powers.mp4

NUMBERS (les chiffres)

French Lesson - NUMBERS 1-100 - Compter jusqu'à 100 - Learn French.mp4
French numbers 1 - 100.mp4
♫ FRENCH Numbers Song 1-20 ♫ Compter jusqu'à 20 ♫ Comptine des Chiffres ♫ Learn French.mp4
Numbers in French - les chiffres - Kids Music in French - Le-1.mp4
La chanson des chiffres - Apprendre les chiffres avec les princesses.mp4
French lesson Counting from 1 to 100 in French.mp4

COLORS (les couleurs)

La chanson des couleurs.mp4
French colors - Couleurs - J'aime les voitures - alain le lait (car, truck).mp4

CALENDAR (le calendrier)

Les mois de l'année - alain le lait (French months of the year).mp4
Apprendre les mois de l'année.mp4
Les jours de la semaine.mp4
Combien de jours, Matt Maxwell.mp4
Les jours de la semaine - alain le lait (French days of the .mp4

WEATHER (le temps)

Quel temps fait il_ - Alain Le Lait.mp4
French weather phrases.mp4
Parapluie - Alain Le Lait (Le temps - weather).mp4
Quel temps fait-il Alexandre.mp4

FRENCH ALPHABET (l'alphabet francais)

French alphabet - L'alphabet en Français by Alain Le Lait.mp4
The French Alphabet Song L'alphabet en Français La chanson d.mp4
videoplayback (1).mp4
videoplayback (2).mp4
videoplayback (3).mp4


BARBAPAPA - Dessin animé - Episode 1 La naissance de Barbapa.mp4
Barbapapa - Le château.mp4
Barbapapa - Le sport.mp4
Barbapapa - Le château-1.mp4