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This site was created to support the ongoing learning of the Mount Doug community in the area of educational technology. Here you will find EdTech resources and stories of how technology is being used in classrooms at Mount Doug.

There is no doubt that technology plays a large and important role in the lives of our students today. It engages them, is their go-to source for information and is a natural learning tool for many. However, it is important to remember that technology is just that, a tool, and a tool in the classroom should only be used if it contributes positively to learning, teaching and/or the learning environment. It is therefore the goal of the Mount Doug EdTech Support team to help facilitate this positive relationship at Mount Doug.

Tech Tuesday and Other Announcements

Tech Tuesday Weekly Tip - June 13, 2017

TechTuesday Year end Wrap-up

Well it's the final TechTuesday post of the year and I am so excited! Not because it is all over (although I won't mind the break from those late Monday nights putting together the final touches on a post), but because it is awesome to reflect back on all the sharing and learning I got to experience with you over the year.

This final post is admittedly a bit of a hodgepodge; some final thoughts on Google Classroom followed by a few suggestions if you're interested in doing a little more learning over the summer break.

Thanks for such a great year!

~ Alexis

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Who is MD EdTech Support?

Alexis McKean

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Hi, my name is Alexis McKean and I heart Google Apps for Education ... and all things EdTech really. Technology has always held a strong interest for me as both a student and teacher and eventually led me to complete a Master of Educational Technology degree from Boise State University in 2012. After attending my first GAFE Summit in 2015, I fell in love with the potential of Google Apps for Education. Since then, GAFE has redefined my teaching and classroom and I am actively using and experimenting with them daily.

I currently teach Business, Accounting and InfoTech at Mount Doug and feel so fortunate to get to share my love of EdTech and GAFE as the EdTech support teacher. I am also a Google Certified Educator.

Need some inspiration to get started?

Check out the following Slides Presentation for some ideas!

[Oct. 2016] 45 Ways to use G Suite for Education in the Classroom

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