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This site was created to support the ongoing learning of the Mount Doug community in the area of educational technology. Here you will find EdTech resources and stories of how technology is being used in classrooms at Mount Doug.

There is no doubt that technology plays a large and important role in the lives of our students today. It engages them, is their go-to source for information and is a natural learning tool for many. However, it is important to remember that technology is just that, a tool, and a tool in the classroom should only be used if it contributes positively to learning, teaching and/or the learning environment. It is therefore the goal of the Mount Doug EdTech Support team to help facilitate this positive relationship at Mount Doug.


Nov. 14, 2017 - Staff Meeting Recap

Google Pre-Summit Workshop

  • Mt. Doug is hosting a Google Pre-Summit Workshop on Wednesday in Room 114 from 3:30-5:00.
    • Intro Google session for anyone attending the Google Summit
    • Invite is extended to all staff.

Chromebook Carts

    • Getting lots of use which is fantastic but unfortunately with all that use there have been some issues that keep popping up.
    • I wanted to just remind everyone of some things to help prevent damage and make sure everything is ready to go for the class to use it.
      • Slots have all been numbered now so please make sure students are putting them back in the right locations and plugging them in
      • Remind students to logged out and shut down the Chromebooks when they are done AND if they have changed the language setting that they change it back to English
      • This may mean ending class a bit early to ensure this happens but I think if you set these clear expectations for students right away you or the next teacher won’t be left dealing with it.
    • Please do a quick check that they are all the Chromebooks have been returned, they are locked up in the cabinet and plug it in when you return it to its home base.


  • ZipGrade is an excellent tool for scanning and recording multiple choice assessments.
  • If you are already using the Scantron machine this is a great, cheaper alternative.
  • I will be putting a more detailed post together in the next couple weeks about ZipGrade but if you would like to check it out prior to that here are some helpful links:

If you have any questions (about this or other tech stuff) please don't hesitate to email me:, stop me in the hall or pop by classroom Room 114.

~ Alexis

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday will not be continuing in the same format for the 2017/18 school year however all posts from 2016/17 are still available here in the Tech Tuesday Archive.

You will also find all topics discussed last year organized in the top drop-down menus above. If you are unable to locate a topic you would like help with please let me know!

Who is MD EdTech Support?

Alexis McKean

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Hi, my name is Alexis McKean and I heart Google Apps for Education ... and all things EdTech really. Technology has always held a strong interest for me as both a student and teacher and eventually led me to complete a Master of Educational Technology degree from Boise State University in 2012. After attending my first Google Summit in 2015, I fell in love with the potential of Google Apps for Education. Since then, GSuite has redefined my teaching and classroom and I am actively using and experimenting with it daily.

I currently teach Business, Accounting and InfoTech at Mount Doug and feel so fortunate to get to share my love of EdTech and GSuite as the EdTech support teacher. I am also a Google Certified Educator.

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