The District 54 Wellness Space

For Families

Virtual Classes & Family At-Home Learning

Family Togetherness

Alex Goreham, Clinical Supervisor and Therapist from Stenzel Clinical Services, discusses obstacles that childhood anxiety presents and how to be there for your children.

Building a Happier Culture at Home

A positive attitude can be cultivated, with a little practice. Devin C. Hughes, keynote speaker and author, talks about tangible and practical strategies you can apply now to get on the highway to happiness.

Enjoy the Holidays in a Pandemic

Greta Nielsen, Co-Owner and Psychotherapist at Illuminate Therapy & Wellness, discusses ways to adapt expectations, develop new traditions and increase flexibility and acceptance during the holidays.

During these unprecedented times, the social-emotional well-being of individuals is of utmost importance. District 54 has launched the Optimistic Household six-part series with a goal of sparking positivity, optimism and hope for our students, our staff and their families.

Visit our website at to watch video messages from Shawn Achor, positive psychology expert and author, and engage in activities as a family, such as an optimist quiz, 21-day challenge and gratitude jars and scavenger hunts. Resources are available in English and Spanish on our website.

Connecting Home and School

There are many ways you can continue both elementary and junior high level Social Emotional Learning outside of class time. Talking with your children will reinforce the social emotional life skills needed. These Home-School Connections are sent to families as students complete different units as part of our social-emotional learning curriculum.

In November, elementary students will discuss Self-Regulation and Calming Techniques. Junior high students will discuss Culture and Perspectives and Responsibility.

Home School Connections for all units (in English, Spanish and Japanese) are available by clicking on the images below.

Mental Health Resources

Tips on how to keep your children in a school routine, what to look out for regarding anxiety and strategies that ensure success.

A series of short videos on reducing stress, anxiety in children, organization and resiliency.

Screening for signs of depression and suicide as well as resources for parents and students.

Local counseling centers and hotline information.

Videos, exercises and articles to keep a relaxed a mindful mindset.

Hand washing, respiratory hygiene and social distancing practices for all ages.

COVID-19 Related Resources

From the National Association of School Psychologists.

From the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
Available in English and Spanish.

From the Center for Disease Control (CDC) - talking to kids, symptoms, prevention, stress and coping and how to prepare the household.

Includes sections on COVID-19 and Pandemic Resources, Having to Stay Home (social stories), Children: Stress & Challenging Behaviors
Available in English and

Use this website to apply for and manage healthcare, food, and cash assistance benefits, including SNAP, TANF and Medicaid/All Kids Insurance.
Available in English and S

Includes information and links about funding, education, housing, immigration, food, employers & employees, census, legislation, families & providers, CDC resources and links to the State of Illinois coronavirus website. Available in English and Spanish.

Up-to-Date information for undocumented immigrants and their families.
Available in English and

Includes national and state resources as well as information for students in kindergarten through college. Available in English and Spanish.

District 54 Assistance & Support

If you are in need of food, you can make an appointment at one of our pantries, or visit various District 54 and District 211 locations during designated drive-up food distribution times.

Children from households that meet federal guidelines are eligible for free lunch and milk. Families can pick up lunches and milk on weekdays at their school.

District 54 provides gently used clothing free of charge to the families of our students in need. Please contact the school social worker if you are in need of clothing.

Reach out for Help.

Never hesitate to reach out to the social worker, psychologist or principal at your student's school.

They can provide you with more information about the District 54 food distribution, free lunch program, community closet and more.

They will make sure your student and family gets the support needed to not only ensure your student's academic success, but the entire family's social-emotional wellbeing.

21-22 Social Work and Psychologist List