West Vancouver School District's 

Digital Citizenship Hub

In an increasingly technology-driven world, good digital citizenship is an essential skill. Schools can and should play an important role in helping students develop these skills.

Currently, the British Columbia Ministry of Education addresses digital citizenship as one of the 6 characteristics in its Digital Literacy Framework. These are themselves based on standards developed in other places, such as ISTE and Common Sense Media.

Although people can agree that developing good digital citizens is an important goal, the massive amount of resources available along with somewhat conflicting scope and sequence tables, can make it difficult for a teacher to know exactly what and when to teach.

This website is designed to provide teachers, students and parents, from Kindergarten to Grade 9, with the tools and resources needed to develop competent and capable digital citizens! The website is a collection of lesson plans and ideas from around the internet. The goal is to keep growing and changing the website, as our digital world changes. If you have any comments or questions or information to add, please contact Cari Wilson, at cwilson@wvschools.ca.