My child/student has a low score in an area covered below. Can you give me more information regarding this area?

Homework/Classwork (About 90% of homework is classwork, but a student may not have finished it in class): Homework/Classwork is graded at the beginning of the class in which it is due. I go around student to student to check it while he/she is working on a class activity. It is a completion with accuracy grade, which means that I will check the homework targeting specific questions and grade them based on how they responded to the questions. If he/she missed the targeted questions, then I will look through the entire homework piece to make sure that he/she had completed it correctly. If he/she did not, then the score would reflect that. If he/she did not complete the homework, then I would give credit on what was completed properly.

Students are given time to work on classwork/homework in class. In most cases, students have the opportunity to complete their work in class so that I may assist with any questions students may have about the concept/material. I feel that it is important that if a student does not finish his/her work in class, that they are responsible for completing it by the next school day.

Lab: The labs are something that we will be continually working on throughout the year and I will be gradually adding more information regarding write-ups as the school year progresses (further information as far as grading and expectations can be found on my website. Link: https://sites.google.com/a/sd308.org/zaininger-s-website/8th-grade-science/lab-write-up-information ). For labs, I always try to go around discussing the lab write-ups with the students one-on-one while the class is working on an activity. During this time, I will discuss with the students what area(s) they are deficient in and what they can do to improve. I also answer any questions that they have at that time. If the students did make mistakes on the lab, did not complete it, or did not have it all together, then I will let the student know that if they submit corrections or if they complete it, then I can give them credit back (it is not full credit, but is credit based off what and how they completed the work as well as when it is submitted).

Assessments (Quizzes/Tests): Tests beginning in the second quarter are a little more challenging as they include a lot more concepts that are not as much of a review as the tests in first quarter. In preparing for the tests, I always stress to the students to begin with the notes and POTDs (link to copies on my website: https://sites.google.com/a/sd308.org/zaininger-s-website/mr-zaininger-s-website/notes-and-potds-1 ) as they more directly reflect the test and the language that is used in wording the concepts that are assessed on the test. The method of organizing and utilizing notes/POTDs for test preparation is an adjustment for a lot of students, at first, so if he/she ever misplaces or did not get the notes and POTDs, he/she can always follow up with me, a peer, or get them off of the website so that he/she can confidently study for tests.