South Dakota Discovery Center Contact Hours for Webinars


The South Dakota Discovery Center is pleased to offer educators contact hour certificates for webinars from approved content providers. To earn the certificate:

  • Participate in a webinar from NASA or CLEAN. You may opt to watch archived webinars. Webinars must be a minimum of half an hour.
    • Half hour webinar plus 1.5 hours for reflection - 2 contact hours.
    • One hour (50 minutes or more) webinar plus 2 hours for reflection - 3 contact ours.
  • You may earn contact hours by participating in GLOBE E-training. (
    • Join GLOBE and select the South Dakota Discovery Center as your partner institution.
    • Course instructor will be notified when you join.
    • Earn three contact hours by completing the e-trainings for Introduction to GLOBE, sphere (Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, etc), and one protocol in that sphere.
  • Write a reflection on the webinar or GLOBE etraining using the 4R method. Please see the rubric below for all reflection requirements.
  • Email or share the reflection with course instructor.


Your reflection on the webinar should have the following elements:

  • Name, grade and/or subject area you teach.
  • Name of Webinar
  • Content Provider
  • Date of participation
  • Link to webinar
  • 4 R reflection.
  • Email or share with course instructor.