Packing List - Class

Updated soon.

Packing List - Field

When I put together this packing list, I did so trying to find the "just right" amount of gear. This was harder to do than anticipated because everyone is so different. Just right, therefore, is just right for me for a multiday/night field class in the Badlands. I don't know if it will work for everyone so feel free to adapt to your needs. This list is minimal enough that you should be able to borrow or buy inexpensively most of the items.

If you are looking to make more of an investment in your gear, I put together a list from REI with equipment that has the characteristics I find useful. Please note that you do NOT have to purchase these exact items. Close enough will do.

If this class is the only time you anticipate being in the field in the foreseeable future, then I suggest you borrow gear. We do have limited quantities of tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads available for a modest rental fee.

Regarding clothes the only recommendations on the list I made were for hiking pants and that was only so you could see what I mean by hiking pants; lightweight, somewhat stretchy, quick dry, a couple of extra pockets. Clothes are so variable in fit and cut that there is no point in making a recommendation beyond a basic description of what the clothes are supposed to do. REI, Patagonia, ExOfficio, Columbia, Cabela's, and Duluth Trading, are some of the higher profile brands but Target will probably have what you are looking for if you are just buying for this expedition. And keep in mind you can get by with fewer of something rather than more. That said, long hiking pants, close toed shoes and a hat with a brim are pretty much non-negotiables.

Below is a PDF of the list so you can print.

Gear List - GLOBE in the Field.pdf

Gear Loan

Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad are available for a $10 fee. Quantities limited. Contact Anne Lewis to reserve yours.


We will have a kitchen staffed by an experienced outdoors woman. The following meals are provided:

  • 6/18 Dinner
  • 6/19 Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 6/20 Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 6/21 Breakfast.

Please contact Anne Lewis by June 11 with any special meal requirements. You are invited to bring your own snacks and beverages but please note you are responsible for storing them.


There are no accommodations provided Monday evening before the classroom session. We will camp Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

In the Field

  • We practice leave no trace in the field. Please note there are no bathing, sink or electric facilities at the Sage Creek campground in Badlands National Park.
  • The campground does not allow campfires.
  • We are in the field rain or shine but not for thunder.
  • Bison and prairie dogs are frequently in the campground. Please be prepared to yield to wildlife.
  • This is a modified back country experience with all the attendant risks including rattlesnakes, wild animals, and heat.