Ms.Szeto's Class

Kit Carson International Academy

About Ms.Szeto

I am super passionate about teaching! I teach visual fine arts, visual performing arts, and English Language Development for grades 7th and 8th. I run two school clubs on campus (Glee Club and Anime Club). Please enjoy this journey with me if you have me for one of the subjects or more.



Classroom: H4

Welcome to my classroom!

If you like to join any clubs down below please email me!

Support the club by buying a one of kind flight tag (keychain)

Anime Club Meeting Time: TBA (To be announced)

Glee Club Meeting Time:

TBA (To be announced)

Class of 2025! (8th graders!) Please buy your flight tag! $5


Schedule: Zoom Class Schedules for Monday:

Per.1: 8:20 - 8:49 AM

Per.2: 8:59 - 9:28 AM

Per.3: 9:38 - 10:07 AM (Ms.Szeto's Prep Period)

Peri.4: 10:17-10:46 AM

Per.5: 10:56 - 11:25 AM

LUNCH: 11:35 - 12:35PM

Per.6: 12:45 - 1:14 PM

Per.7: 1:24 - 1:53 PM

Zoom Class Schedule for Tuesday & Thursday

Tuesday & Thursday Schedule

1st Period: 8:20-9:33

3rd Period: 9:43-10:56 (Ms.Szeto's Prep Period): NO CLASS

Lunch: 10:56-12:06

Period 5: 12:16-1:29

Period 7:1:39-2:52

Zoom Class Schedule for Wednesday & Friday Schedule

Period 2: 8:20-9:33

Period 4: 9:43-10:56

Lunch: 10:56-12:06

Period 6: 12:16-1:29