Pro Well Being



Pro Well Being project (PWB) ERASMUS ACTION N° 2018-1-IT02-KA229-048034_2 is an innovative Erasmus + intervention for promoting the wellness in pre-school through healthier life styles in four European countries (Greece and Italy, Portugal and Sweden) .

The intervention focuses on life styles, environment and settings, emotions and relationship.


The PRO WELL BEING project stems from the need to affirm more among children and their families the awareness that healthy lifestyles lead to a lasting and authentic well-being; in our hectic life it is often forgotten that the attention to a diversified and healthy diet, a daily and balanced movement, a constant hygiene, a care for the environment in which we live (internal or external) and a correct relational approach, are the bases for living well and staying in psycho-physical health.

As a general objective, the quality of pre-school services is improved thanks to a more widespread life style.

Specific objectives are the exchange practices between schools on healthy lifestyles in relation to nutrition, hygiene, movement, respect for the environment, relationships; improvement of communication and involvement of families and the community around the theme of healthy lifestyles; prevention and contrast of discomfort in children through promotion of healthy lifestyles; improvement of teachers' competences regarding healthy lifestyles and indicators of well-being referred to them; improving the skills of families regarding healthy lifestyles and the indicators of well-being referred to them.

The actions that will be developed during the project will lead to the comparison and automatic acquisition of new knowledge and skills to be applied first experimentally and then to be consolidated later, being able to disseminate results and practices through further contacts and dissemination actions.


The planned activities will lead to the achievement of the project objectives through the initial comparison between teachers and educators in the planned seminars; subsequently it will go on to the experimentation phase and in parallel to that of dissemination and involvement of parents and administrators and political decision makers.


- P1 meeting in Italy: scheduling of all the project steps and development of the communication and sharing tools, with conference where the objectives and presentation of the calendar of meetings and events will be explained;

- C1 seminar / conference + job shadowing in Greece (about the topic of an holistic idea of "well being")

- C2 seminar / conference + job shadowing in Portugal (creative learning activities capable of expressing emotions)

- C3 seminar / conference + job shadowing in Italy (relationship) [VIRTUAL MEETINGS BECAUSE OF THE COVID INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTIONS]

- C4 seminar / conference + job shadowing in Sweden (environmental and movement issues) [VIRTUAL MEETINGS BECAUSE OF THE COVID INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTIONS]


Erasmus+ KA2


Lenght 2018 / 2020

Lead Partner

IC Guatelli Collecchio (PR)

Other Partners


Prof. Simone Mazza european project referent in IC Guatelli