Ms Heather Toye

Byron P Steele High School

Welcome to Ms. Toye's

Freshman English Class

(6th period ESL)

This year we will be focusing on critical reading and analyzing texts as well as writing with emphasis on expository essays. Be prepared daily! English I is a STAAR tested subject and we aim to achieve commended. I promise to make it as interesting and exciting as possible. :o)


Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 7:45-8:30

or after school by appointment only.

Class Schedule Bell Schedule Pep Rally Bell Schedule

Period 1 English 1 8:40-9:30 8:40-9:25

Period 2 Conference 9:35-10:30 9:30-10:20

Period 3 Conference 10:35-11:25 10:25-11:10

Period 4 English 1 11:30-12:20 11:15-12:05

Per 5 Advisory-Lunch 1:20-1:35 1:40-2:10 1:05-1:20 1:25-1:5512:25-1:15

Period 6 ESL 12:25-1:15 12:10-1:00

Period 7 English 1 2:15-3:05 2:00-2:40

Period 8 English 1 3:10-4:00 2:45-3:30

Pep Rally 3:30-4:00

TXCONNECT is up and running! Please check the parent's tab on the scucisd website to sign up! Please give your student access to this account. Students are responsible for checking their own grades on a daily basis.

To sign up for ENGLISH 1 REMIND 101 PARENTS text @toye1920p to 81010

STUDENTS text @toye1920s to 81010

Our ENGLISH Google Classrooms are set up!! ALL links and information for class will be added to GOOGLE CLASSROOM!

1st period class code: f03itjb

4th period class code: 9tcg8p

7th period class code: ct5xnth

8th period class code: dee5wk8

Email me at