Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I do not have internet at home?

A: The devices can still be used for many school assignments without internet. Up to 16gb of files can be stored on the chromebook. Google drive, docs, slides, sheets, and drawing work without the internet.

Q: Are the Chromebooks filtered at home?

A: YES ! The web filter, GoGuardian is applied to the Chromebooks at all times. In fact, when your student logs onto Google Chrome browser on a home pc, the filter is even applied.

Q: Where can I find free wireless internet in town?

A: Visit to view locations in Seymour with free wifi.

Q: What happens if something breaks?

A: Should the device be in need repair, the student should report immediately to their teacher. The device will be assessed for defects or damages. While defects will be covered at no cost to the student, fees may be charged for accidental or intentional damages. (per the AUP)