Oak Point Elementary School

School Counselor

I am Mrs. Pierce! I'll be your school counselor here at Oak Point Elementary school. To share some things about me, I grew up in Chilhowie and have lived there for several years with my husband, my son, two dogs, and a turtle! I love doing anything outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and fishing, and I also love to read! I love llamas and alpacas, and my favorite color is green.

As unusual as this school year is, I cannot wait to get to learn more and get to know about each and every one of you. If you ever need me, click the "Contact Me" tab at the top right of this page and fill out the form!

My Classroom

Below, you'll find my classroom. Click on the books, my Bitmoji, and different items in the room to see what surprises you find!

Mrs. Pierce's Counseling Classroom

A few reminders...

This is such a strange way to start school for all of us, and we wish so much that it wasn't. In the meantime, here are a few safety things to remember to help us all stay healthy and happy!

I am here for whatever you need!

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly!

Wear your mask to keep you and others safe!

Keep the germs away from your face!