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Stacy Poston

NiCole Holmes

Assistant Principal, Athletic

Support Staff

Suzi Hess


Kim Ratliff


Bethany Clear

Guidance Counselor Administrative


Nicole Poore 

Algebra I, Algebra I part

Dalton Gillespie

Geometry, AFDA, Math Analysis, Algebra II

Leola Griffin

Math Analysis, Algebra II


Will Tuell

Environmental Science, Earth Science

Rebecca Wilkinson-Smith

Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Phy., Biology


Drivers Ed.

Emily Porter

Health & PE 9 & 10, Drivers Ed. & Strength and Conditioning

Tyler Keesee

PE 10 & Drivers Ed., Advanced Strength and

Social Studies &


James Carter

World History, VA and US History, Honors, US History DE

Tim Johnson

World History, Psychology, Current

Ty Hall

Economics and Personal Finance, PE 9, Strength and

Jim Carter

Economics and Personal

Business & Marketing

April Moore-Jones

Computer Info. Systems , Advanced CIS, Information Literacy, Office Administration, Accounting, Business & Marketing, Design Multimedia & Web Tech

Reid Sturgill

Advanced Marketing 

World Language

Claudine Pierson

French I, II, III &

Maria Salgado

Art, Music & Band

Tammy Carter

Art I-V, Photography I-III, Computer Art Graphics I, Craft Design

Andrea Cottrill

Erica Coates

Band & Advanced