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Covid Restrictions Cohort Practice Only

We know many are wondering what is happening at the club. The public health order was extended to January 31, 2022. The executive met to discuss practice sessions for our members. Here is what we can offer in accordance with the guidelines by Nova Scotia Curling Association and Sports NS.

We can offer practice sessions at the following times. This is a trial this week to determine the interest of our members.

Monday Jan 10


1st Cohort-0915-1030am on Ice 4 ( 8 members)

2nd Cohort-0930-10:45 on Ice 2 (8 members)


1st Cohort -7-830 pm on Ice 3 (8 members)

2nd Cohort-7:15-845 on Ice 1 ( 8 members)

Tuesday Jan 11

Stick Curlers (4 curlers in a cohort)

1st Cohort-0900-1000 Ice 4

2nd Cohort- 0915--1015 Ice 2

3rd Cohort-1030-1145-Ice 3

4th Cohort-1045-1200-Ice 1

Wed Jan 12


1st Cohort-0915-1030am on Ice 4 ( 8 members)

2nd Cohort-0930-10:45 on Ice 2 (8 members)


1st Cohort -7-830 pm on Ice 3 (8 members)

2nd Cohort-7:15-845 on Ice 1 ( 8 members)

Rules that must be followed:

a) We are allowed a cohort of 10 players who will come to the club 10 minutes prior to their practice time, ( e.g .if scheduled at 7pm come at 650 pm)change shoes and be ready to practice. When your practice time is complete, please change footwear and exit club. There is no bar service or mingling post practice.

We are suggesting the cohort be 8 players for out of hack curling and 4 players for stick curling. If you wish to curl under the current restrictions, you must format a cohort, that is the one group that you will curl with during the restricted period ( presently to Jan 31, and possibly longer, as dictated by NS Public Health.) If you are playing stick curling , you form a cohort of 4 people; otherwise, you may form a cohort of up to 8 for regular curling. Your cohort cannot change ( no substitutions or spares)and you cannot be in more than one cohort for the period of the restrictions.

About the Cohort

The cohort must be the same 4 or 8 people each time. Two cohorts of 8 can play on the ice but will be given staggered tines to enter club and exit the club This cohort would book their practice session by emailing the coordinator by Sunday at noon of the preceding week.

The cohort of 8 would show up 10 minutes prior to their session and play on ice 4. The second booked cohort will enter , change and play on ice 2


We are not allowed competitive games. Only one sweeper to maintain social distancing .


Chad Mackinnon email chadtmckinnon@gmail.com will coordinate the Monday and Wednesday evening. Betty Mattson email mattson@ns.sympatico.ca will coordinate the Monday to Wednesday mornings.

Masks are always worn in the club. It is very important that we follow these protocols as there is an increased risk with omicron. It is important for you to decide if this is for you .I know some have not had their booster and are waiting for this . If you have any symptoms, please do not come to the club.

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinators.


The WCC executive

Christmas Social

December 11th was our Wolfville curling club Christmas party. Organized by Debi Sponagle and Audrey Dorey, the evening started with two sheets of curlers, followed by a turkey shoot. Tiffany and her family will be eating well.

The pot luck dinner was perfect. Debi wanted to keep it relaxed and informal so there was no sign up for dishes. We could have had 35 plates of cookies but the selection was balanced. Greg, Vern and Kim looked after the most important part with their usual good humour…..the bar! We are a special club, blessed with selfless volunteers and caring individuals and led by a gracious president. Thanks Debi for organizing the evening, decorating the place and for the basket the Thursday women’s group donated, which Fred Crouse won and for all the people who bought tickets. $455.00 was raised.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Written by Sue Tatrallyay

Wolfville Defends the McLellan Cup Challenge

Twelve curlers from Wolfville successfully defended the challenge from the Kentville Glooscap Club for the McLellan Cup on Wednesday Nov 24. Wolfville outscored Kentville 33 to 30. Wolfville has held the cup since last spring when play was suspended due to covid. Twelve curling clubs have issued challenges for the cup this year. Wolfville will take the cup to the Halifax Curling Club Wednesday Dec 1 to meet the second challenge of the year. The winners on Dec 1 will defend the cup in Windsor on Dec 8.

If you want to know more about this "longest-running challenge cup in curling history" visit the McLellan Cup website for details. On this site, you can see the results of all 1499 matches that have been played since 1907.

Wolfville McLellan Team 2021-22

Back row: Nick Paul, Dennis Peverill, Tony Stirling, Steve Mattson, Danny Silver, Hugh Curry, Matt Gowland, Brian Boutlier

Front row: Joe Price, Fred Crouse, Dean Smith, Mike McKillop

Rookies Breakfast and Practice

The WCC was delighted to host on Saturday Nov 20, a breakfast and curling etiquette session for new members to the club. We were able to go over on ice etiquette, game setup and procedures followed by a few games among their peers. Many thanks to Audrey, Debi and Dean who generated the idea and organized the event. Also thanks to the supporting members who showed up to help out.

Rookies 2021

Curling Is Well Underway

  • Seniors are curling Mon-Wed-Fri mornings at 9:30 with at least three sheets of games.

  • Stick curling on Tuesday at 9:00 is attracting about 27 curlers for three draws.

  • Competitive Stick Curling on Wed at 1:30 has eight teams playing in a round-robin format.

  • Competitive Curling on Monday night has 11 teams, 8 play Monday night and 2 more on Tuesday night

  • Club curling Wednesday night has 9 teams and Thursday night has 10 teams.

  • The Commercial League is in full swing on Sundays.

We are delighted that at least 25 new members have joined the club this year.

The Memorial Bonspiel

This event is a celebration of the lives of our departed club members and is a fund raiser to help with the additional costs imposed on us by Covid. We hope to hold this event in February/March. Details to follow.

Requirements for Accessing the Club (Covid)

A Return to Play document is posted on the website outlining what actions we have changed from last year and what actions we have kept.

Proof of Two Vaccinations is required to curl at the club in accordance with the law unless you have a medical exemption document. Please bring your vaccination record and picture IDs to be shown upon arrival. We are encouraging individuals to consent to have their name added to a roster so that in the future we will not have to ask for proof every time you visit the club.

You must complete two forms: CURLING CANADA RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE – COVID-19. ( This also has the Consent on Vaccination Status for the WCC) Both of these forms can be downloaded from the website.

Signing In- We still must sign in at the door.

Wearing Masks-Must be worn in the club except on the ice or if having a drink in the lounge.

Christmas Social Party.pdf

Dates to Remember

October 18 at 7pm -Registration


THURS. & FRI. OCT. 21 & 22 (7:00 – 9:00 pm) SAT. OCT. 23 ( 10:00 – 12 NOON)

Curling Start Dates:

Competitive league starts Mon/Tue Oct 25. If you do not have a team and would like to curl please submit your name to Chad MacKinnon at chadtmckinnon@gmail.com

Wednesday and Thursday night teams will be organized and scheduled over the weekend of October 29th with Session 1 starting on Nov 3 and 4.

Monday October 25th: Monday Night League Begins

Wednesday October 27th: Exhibition

Thursday October 28th: Exhibition

Wednesday November 3rd: Session 1 Begins

Thursday November 4th: Session 1 Begins

Seniors start Monday Oct 25

Stick curling start Tuesday Oct 26 Tuesday am

Competitive Stick League-New this year. On Wednesdays at 1-3 we will be initiating a competitive stick league for Wolfville. Watch for more information on how to register and the details about the league. Registrations will be for 16 teams only.

Nov 5/6 The Annual Memorial WCC Bonspiel

The Wolfville Curling Club is pleased to announce the Annual Memorial Bonspiel will be held at the Wolfville Curling Centre on Friday/Saturday, Nov 5, 6. We hope to have sixteen (16) teams sign-up, eight to play in Draws 1, 3, 5, and eight in Draws 2, 4, 6. All teams are guaranteed three games.

All members of the Wolfville Curling Club and the WCC Commercial Club are invited to join in. You can signup as an individual or as a team. We will assign individuals to a team or a partial team. The bonspiel is our answer to Covid-19 and is a fundraiser to help defray Covid Costs. The entry fee is $100 per team. Refreshments will be provided and the bar will be open. We will be adhering to the Public Health guidelines during this event.

There are many individuals who have supported our club and have passed away. The purpose of this event is to remember these individuals and share our many fond memories. The winning team will be awarded the John Dorman Memorial trophy which will be known as the Memorial trophy. As well the new WCC Memorial Plaque commemorating our members who have passed will be updated. We will have various fun activities as part of the bonspiel including 50-50 Draw, and other activities. Come and enjoy a fun day of curling!

Send an email to wolfcurl@gmail.com or to fcrouse@scotiacom.com to register your team or yourself. Look for the sign-up sheet in the clubhouse. Sign up soon. Only sixteen (16) teams will be included.

Thanks from the WCC Memorial Bonspiel Committee

Learn to Curl Clinics




THURS. & FRI. OCT. 21 & 22 (7:00 – 9:00 P.M.)

SAT. OCT. 23 ( 10:00 – 12 NOON)




Dean Smith – deansmith541@gmail.com

Audrey Dorey – audreydorey2@gmail.com

Mens and Ladies - Cash Spiel - Jan 8 & 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce a Mens and Ladies Curling Event to be hosted by the Wolfville Curling Club in Wolfville N.S. during the weekend of JAN 8 & 9, 2022

Eligibility: Any curler qualifying by age for competition for Mens and Momens 2021/22 Provincial Championships - max 16 teams. Mens and Ladies teams are welcome.

Entry Fee: $340.00 per team.

Sponsor: TBA

Format: 8 end games. Each team playing min of 3 games.

Draw Times: Saturday and Sunday.

Prize $: Win cash for every game you win. Plus cash prizes.

Closing: Dec 22nd at midnight

Questions: Contact: Chair- Tony Stirling

Phone or text: 902 385-1395

Email = tstirling1395@gmail.com

Click here to download the Entry Form

Monday Jan 10


1st Cohort-0915-1030am on Ice 4 ( 8 members)

2nd Cohort-0930-10:45 on Ice 2 (8 members)


1st Cohort -7-830 pm on Ice 3 (8 members)

2nd Cohort-7:15-845 on Ice 1 ( 8 members)

Wednesday Jan 12


1st Cohort-0915-1030am on Ice 4 ( 8 members)

2nd Cohort-0930-10:45 on Ice 2 (8 members)


1st Cohort -7-830 pm on Ice 3 (8 members)

2nd Cohort-7:15-845 on Ice 1 ( 8 members)