Religious Education

St. Catherine Labouré Parish

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome! Here you will find necessary information about what's happening at Sunday Religious Education (R.E.) in St. Catherine Labouré Parish. We look forward to a spiritual new year with you!

Sr. Nadiya Levchenko, SSpS Director of Religious Education Program

We are about halfway through our year!

First semester ends Dec. 16th.

This year our enrollment is 172 children and 106 families!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's our free Sunday on November 25, 2018

Have a great family gathering!

Calendar for School Year [PDF]

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Family Handbook [PDF]

You can view the Family Handbook here.


Curriculum [PDF]

You can view our basic curriculum here.

Responsibilities of Parents in Religious Education

Part Three of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church” (Life in Christ), Nos. 2223 and 2226, can enlighten us regarding responsibilities as parents. I invite you to read these two sections, reflect upon them, and ask God to help parents to be active catechists in their homes, the “domestic church”.

Sr. Nadiya Levchenko, SSpSCoordinator of Religious Education Program

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility first by creating a home where tenderness, forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and disinterested service are the rule. The home is well suited for education in the virtues. This requires an apprenticeship in self-denial, sound judgment, and self-mastery-the preconditions of all true freedom. Parents should teach their children to subordinate the ‘material and instinctual dimensions to interior and spiritual ones.’ Parents have a grave responsibility to give good example to their children. By knowing how to acknowledge their own failings to their children, parents will be better able to guide and correct them.” (CCC 2223)

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” (CCC 2226)

Adults can learn about their faith, too.

Stay and learn more about your faith while you drink coffee with us.

Learn about this fellowship program here: Adult Faith Formation

Classroom Map [PDF]

To avoid confusion, review this map of which grades are in which classrooms. For security, we do not publish student class lists online.

To help your child prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, you can use the following advice:

Reporting an Absence

We hope that absences are few and far between. However, they are sometimes unavoidable.

  • The easiest way to report an absence is to use this form here on our website.
  • You can also call: 847-724-2240* (RE office) *There is voice mail for our program on this system. Leave your child’s full name, grade, and the reason for the absence.