JRSO Geophysics

Lab Working Group

The overall objective of the Geophysics LWG is to:

  • Promote regular discussion to maximize the usage and science of the geophysics onboard and shore-based facilities

Specific tasks are:

  • Review of cruise evaluations from each expedition

  • Review of technical reports from each expedition

  • Debriefing from the sailing staff after each expedition

  • Recommendations for improvements related to instrument performance, sample handling protocols, etc.

LWG meetings are usually held within a few weeks after the end of every other expedition (~2-3 meetings per year). All members are expected to attend, if their sailing schedules allow.

Action items are discussed and assigned during each meeting with follow-ups expected the next meeting or through email. Agenda items are related issues flagged for discussion at the next LWG meeting and are encouraged from all LWGs and departments.