The Inquiry Capstone Project at Science Leadership Academy (SLA) is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the culmination of their intellectual growth in a project-based high school. The Inquiry Capstone represents a synthesis of the SLA mission and vision as students attempt to answer the questions: “How do we learn?” “What can we create?” and “What does it mean to lead?” through a self-selected and designed independent project. As with everything we do, the projects embody SLA’s core values of Inquiry, Research, Collaboration, Presentation, and Reflection. The final product will look different for each student, just as each student has a unique perspective and approach to learning.

Through the Inquiry Capstone Project students leave SLA with an original piece of work showcasing the students’ skills of inquiry and investigation of a topic of interest. During their four years at SLA, students move towards being independent and self-directed learners who can contribute meaningfully to their community. Together with their mentor and/or advisor, students have the freedom to design a project that reflects their unique, individual interests. Students adopt an interdisciplinary approach and demonstrate a complexity of thought about their chosen topic, both during the proposal phase and as they begin to execute the project.