Assessment Data

Schuyler Community Schools is committed to ensuring that students have a guaranteed and viable curriculum that meets state standards in all curricular areas. The following charts show how Schuyler is performing on statewide assessments that cover those standards.

There are three achievement levels on the NSCAS assessments. In Language Arts and Math, the levels are Developing (does not yet show proficiency), On Track (shows proficiency), and CCR Benchmark (demonstrates advanced proficiency)

Generally speaking, Schuyler Community Schools’ scores are right at or right below the state average of the percentage of students who meet proficiency at both the On Track and CCR Benchmark.

More information can be found at the Nebraska Education Profile.

This first chart shows the percentage of students at each grade level that reached proficiency on the Nebraska Statewide Assessment in English/Language Arts. In an effort to more consistently meet the state standards, Schuyler adopted new curriculum materials in the 2018-2019 school year for Kindergarten through 8th grade students.

This chart demonstrates proficiency levels in Math. It is comparing the percentage of students proficient in Schuyler with the percentage of students proficient across the state. This only has data for 2017-2018 because it was the first year of the new assessment that covers the College and Career Readiness Standards. Past scores cannot be compared to these scores.

Copy of Report to the Board Regarding State Assessments