8th Grade Team

8th Grade Team Support Staff

Congratulations! Your child made it to their final year of middle school. Please have in mind that your child's academics, attendance and behavior still continue to have a huge impact. Reinforce with your child the importance of making good decisions throughout the year so they are prepared to graduate.

Assistant Principal, IA

Ms. Patricia Campopiano pcampopiano@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. 1271

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Athena Fourniotis afourniotis@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. TBA

Mr. Gary Fleishman gfleishman@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. TBA

Dean of Discipline

Ms. Krystyna Debiec kdebiec@schools.nyc.gov 718-445-3232 Ext. 1221

High School Information Week at JHS 185

Your child's guidance counselor will present “The High School Admissions Process Workshop" in the Fall. We encourage all 8th grade families to attend this informational session to learn about MySchools Account, application timelines, how offers are determined, developing a thoughtful list, and making informed choices. For more information, visit JHS 185 High School Admission Process website.

High School Information Overview

Families that are looking to learn more information about NYC public high schools, please visit this website.