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School Phone: 718-445-3232. Email *Include your child’s name and grade when sending an inquiry.

What's Happening in School

Please use this form to request a phone call(s) from your child(ren)'s teachers. Be advised that teachers will call you at a later date during parent engagement time.

*MP1 Report cards distribution date: Friday, November 19. Student Report Cards on Student Teachhub & NYC Schools Account for parents/guardians. See instructions in Spanish.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

PTA Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Dec 1-13. Order Form. Distribution Date to staff and students: Dec 21

If you would like to purchase senior photos, please contact Class Act Photographers:

Telephone: 718-338-2322


High School Updates

High School Applications website: MySchools

Visit the DOE High School Website for the most up to date information.

For help with high school application, please contact your child's class guidance counselor:

Mrs. Fourniotis Class 801, 805, 809, 813, 817

Mr. Fleishman Class 802, 806, 810, 814

Ms. Kouzounas Class 803, 804, 811, 815

Ms. Wu Class 807, 808, 812, 816

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Purchase P.E Uniforms *All orders are shipped to school.

Dress Code Information

Complete Health Screening Form when entering the school building. Printable Health Form (Spanish, Chinese)
Complete the Family Income Inquiry Form Online Today! Select New York City Schools as your District.
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💻🔧 Need Help with your device? Visit IT Service Desk or call (718) 935-5100. View Asistencia en Espanol

DOE Student Account - Manage Password

DOE Student Accounts - student email ending with "" required for ALL STUDENTS for online learning.

Visit the Student Password Reset tool to reset your DOE Student Account password if you have a PIN. We encourage students to set a PIN while they still know their password as the PIN will be needed to reset password if forgotten in the future.

NEW! Reset DOE Student Accounts Password Through the NYCSA:

Parents/Guardians can sign-in to their NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) to easily reset their child’s DOE Student Account password without a PIN. If parents/guardians need help with their NYCSA, please complete this HELP FORM.

Fall 2021 Covid-19 Testing Consent Form

PDF 2021 Fall Covid-19 Testing Consent Form in English

PDF 2021 Fall Translated Consent Forms

Option 1 (Preferred Method): Complete the Fall Covid-19 Testing Consent Form through your NYC School Account (NYCSA). See steps in English and Spanish.

  1. Login to NYCSA

  2. Go to Manage Accounts

  3. Click on Consent Forms

For help with setting the NYCSA account, fill out this FORM.
Option 2 - Print and sign the PDF copy and email back to

Student Documents/New Student Enrollment Forms/Change of Address

Change of Address Request:

Parent/Guardian Accounts

Login to NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) to view report cards, attendance, bus information, manage DOE Student Account Password, give Covid-19 Testing Consent, etc.)

For help setting up the NYCSA, fill out this FORM.

Instruction for Pupil Path Mobile App on iOS or Android.

Instruction for Pupilpath Registration thought the web.

6th Grade families and students will get the registration code after school starts.

CCNY After School Contact:bleeker@childcenterny.orgTel:718-445-3232 x5421

Mehak Mahmood, Director

Ashley Robertson, Assistant Director

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Bleeker JHS 185 Success for All

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