Fantastic Seven by Sierra Ryan, Grade 12, William Cullen Bryant High School

“New York City is the arts capital of the world, and our borough arts festivals showcase the immense creativity and talent of students from across the City. These festivals bring school communities together to admire the incredible art work and performances of students from each borough and I join their proud parents in celebrating their achievements.”

- Chancellor Richard A. Carranza

“The arts are how we speak to each other through the ages and across borders. Through them we discover who we are in context of not just this moment but all moments man has known.” 
- Rudy Crew

In these challenging times, the arts can keep us connected. Our beautiful city has been changed in immeasurable ways since COVID-19. We have been inspired by the essential workers, by medical staff, and by recent protests for equity and racial justice. We are especially proud of our students and teachers, who are responsible for this wonderful celebration of art. To our young artists, your art is not only a beautiful expression of your ideas, it can be a part of a movement to heal people and create a better world.

Each year, students, families, teachers, and school leaders come together at Queens Museum to celebrate our young artists. While we cannot be at the museum this year, we are honored to showcase the talent and creativity our students. It is with great pride and gratitude that we present this online exhibition of the 2020 Queens Borough Arts Festival.

We are grateful to Chancellor Richard A. Carranza, the Office of Arts and Special Projects, Queens Museum, and our teachers, school leaders, and families for their unwavering support of arts education.

Congratulations to all of our student artists! Keep Making Art!

Queens North:

Janet Velasquez Cela, Borough Arts Director

Jenny Falcone, Borough Arts Coordinator

Queens South:

Dr. Nina C. Lasky, Borough Arts Director

Vanessa Banks, Borough Arts Coordinator

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