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Tri Point Academy provides opportunities for students to understand how the world around them is interconnected, as well as how they have an impact on the world they live in by providing a rigorous interdisciplinary academic focus integrating science, technology, and natural world exploration through critical thinking (rigorous academics), change (service learning), and connections (self-realization).

Our mission encourages personal and academic excellence, provides intellectual, creative, and artistic challenges, and optimizes student potential to be citizens who contribute in a significant way to their school community, and the world beyond.  


3rd - 8th Grade

Our Values

All students can successfully engage in rigorous academics when provided the the right tools to do so. 

Teachers at TriPoint Academy recognize that every student begins each year with different academic talents and areas for improvement. We provide a rigorous interdisciplinary focus that integrates core academics, technology, with natural world exploration. 

Tri-Point Academy understands that every student is different and strives to challenge them to reach their full potential. Our robust curriculum lets students learn essential skills with exposure to real world issues in which they have to think innovatively and critically for solutions alongside their peers.  

Academics should be integrated and connected through the contents, allowing students to see why each aspect of their learning is important to their development.  Our curriculum is not bound by the TEKS and standardized testing limitations. The unique schedule allows for CEEDS time, which stands for Collaboration, Exploration, and Expert connections, Discovery, and Service. This time allows students to engage in authentic learning experiences.

Students are more engaged in immersive, hands on learning experiences that provide an opportunity to create change.

Project-based learning allows students the opportunity to engage in learning that is not separated from real world application, allowing students the opportunity to engage in problem solving. Service learning takes it a step further by ensuring the end product of their learning is connected to the world or community they live in. While engaging in the learning process, students are also able to connect with experts in the fields they are having impact on, which allows them to have a deeper understanding of the world around them. 

During these experiences, students learn through real world problems, brainstorming potential solutions, researching and reflecting while they engage in deeper understanding to develop their final solution. The learning process students engage in provide an opportunity for students to be immerged in authentic learning experiences. Each student's journey in the process is unique and tailored to what matters to them. 

While students are engaged in their learning, they are developing 21st century skills such as problem solving and collaboration. Students develop and implement solutions to the presented problem that they have created and are passionate about. 

As students complete they solutions, they engage with the community and world around students begin to develop the understanding that even small changes can have big impacts. By understanding how to make change in the world around them, our students become change makers. 

Students have the ability to create their own adventure that leads to self-realization.

Every individual is unique. They have different interests and different life experiences they bring with them. We want to foster the uniqueness of each student, while providing them an opportunity to grow to their full potential. 

At Tri Point Academy, we focus on self-realization and understanding the interconnectedness of the world around us through a variety of authentic experiences for students. Students must be able to connect to themselves, fully understanding their needs as a person, to reach their full potential. Supporting students through their unique needs includes self-regulation techniques or the ability to engage in advocacy.

Ensuring students are self connected also means helping students discover what interests and passions they have. Different experiences and hobbies motivate each student and we help them discover those motivators that bring joy to the student. Rather than traditional specials, we provide students the opportunity to explore their unique interests, developing their own adventure. By engaging in things that lead to self-fulfillment, students will engage in their world in different ways aligned with their passions and interests, creating their own connections.