Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy

Grades K through 12

The Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy (SACA) is a high-performing virtual option that offers an alternative path for meeting graduation requirements for students in Grades K through 12. 

Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy (SACA) 

Students will be able to combine these skills with the effective use of technology to succeed in current and future education or jobs. Directing one’s own learning path is not only valuable but essential in the 21st Century. 

Why Choose SACA?

SACA provides many benefits that other distant cyber schools cannot.  Many students choose SACA for the following reasons:

Questions About SACA?

Please Contact the SACA Grade Level Administrator

GRADES K-5 Administrator

Dr. Stacy Famoso

(570) 213-0203 Ext. 16001

GRADES 6-12 Administrator

Dr. Kimberly Levin

(570) 213-0203 Ext. 16317

Please make sure that you have registered with Stroudsburg Area School District first.  We cannot proceed with SACA applications until that registration is completed. Click here to go to new student registration.