Welcome, Greenbrook Gators!

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Check out letters/sounds and red words to practice below! Also find our Zoom and Seesaw links.

LETTERS/SOUNDS to practice:

Group 1: c, a, o, d, g, m, l, h, t, i, j, k, p, ch, u, b, r, f, n, e, s, sh, th, w, wh

Group 2: above plus... y, v, x, z, qu-, -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz, beginning consonant blends (like bl-), magic e, ending consonant blends (like -mp)

Group 3: above plus... sticky sounds (-ng/-nk), ph, 3 sounds of -ed and past tense, -ing, vowel teams: ai, -ay, ea, ee, oa, -oe, ow, igh, bossy r: er, ir, ur, or, ar

Red Word Wall
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