Transportation will be provided for Chamberlin, Orchard and RMCS preschool students

Universal Preschool

Act 166, signed into law in 2014, provides for universal access to publicly funded prekindergarten (Pre-K) education. Publicly funded pre-K offers 10 hours per week of free programing for all 3- to 5-year-olds during the academic year (i.e., 35 weeks). Pre-K education is offered in a variety of settings including center-based programs, home-based programs, Head Start classrooms, private preschool programs, and in public schools. Programs must be pre-qualified with the Agency of Education in order to access these fund.

Act 166 Universal Preschool - Frequently Asked Questions

SBSD Preschools

South Burlington School District has a Pre-K classroom in each of our elementary schools. The classrooms have morning and afternoon options M, T, W, Th for 10 hours a week. Please go to your elementary school website for more information about these classrooms. If you are seeking full time care, South Burlington also offers child care for 3 and 4 year old's. Your child could participate in the preschools and add care from our School's Out program. Please go to School's Out for more information on this childcare option.

If you are interested in a private preschool program for your child, please see the list below for the schools that South Burlington currently partners with for Act 166 funding.

Our Public/Private Preschool Partner List


Class placements are first come first serve.