RMCS Preschool Classroom

Classroom Philosophy

In our classroom we believe that no true academic learning can occur unless children are provided with a safe and comforting environment that meets their unique social emotional needs and provides ample opportunities to build autonomy, choice and intrinsic motivation. To support this belief, in our classroom your child will be introduced to a variety of different social concepts. These social concepts are designed to give your child the tools to learn necessary social emotional and self help skills such as: how to identify their own thoughts and feelings, how to recognize the thoughts and feelings of others, how to regulate and soothe their bodies and minds in safe ways when met with challenging emotions and how to problem solve and collaborate with peers. These skills serve as the foundation for academic learning.

Meet The Teachers

Jordan LaBonte

General Educator


Olivia Shaw

Special Educator


Alexandra Dezenzo

Speech and Language Pathologist


Paula Klugo



Classroom Phone: 802-652-7204