Miss Cosentino's 5th Grade English Language Arts Class

Welcome to 5th grade English and Language Arts Class!

Please remember to come to class prepared with ALL materials needed: Writer's Notebook, Reader's Binder, IDR book(s), pens, pencils, highlighters, and Post-Its.

Remember to make time to read daily, whether it is rereading a text from a mini lesson or enjoying your IDR (Independent Daily Reading) book.

View below to see what we are working on in class. Click the HOMEWORK tab above to access all homework assignments and due dates.


Reading Strategies:

1. "Again&Again" Moments

2. Compare & Contrast

3. "Aha" Moments

4. "Contrasts & Contradictions"

5. "Memory Moments"

6. "Tough Questions"

7. "Words of the Wiser"

*We will learn all 6 reading signposts to help us "dig deeper" and think more critically while reading!*


*Writer's Notebook setup

*Ideas for writing pages

* Free-writing in "My Writing" section

* Personal Narratives

*Sensory Writing


*Fictional Narratives (revisiting&revising!)

*Citing and Explaining Evidence

*Opinion Writing

*Poetry (revisiting in the Spring!)

*Researching and Expository Nonfiction Writing


* Google Classroom-

* surveys ("Get to know you"

* Online assignments

*Announcements and updates on class activities and lessons, including materials used in the classroom!

*Flocabulary music videos and other educational video clips- great for review before a quiz or class activity!