Blue Raider Studios is located at Somerset Berkley Regional High School in Somerset, MA. Our television production program provides students with the opportunity to create professional quality video projects and explore a variety of career pathways in the film and television production industries. Students in our courses have access to state of the art production equipment, including a fully functioning TV studio and iMac computer lab. Students are exposed to all aspects of project creation, including script-writing and story-boarding, filming in studio and on location, and video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Students also have the opportunity to film events in the community and after-school activities. Classes are available to all SBRHS students.

Available Courses

Student Work

A.L.I.C.E. Training Video

"Living With a Disability" Short Documentary

"Living in Depression" Short Documentary

"Unrequited Love" Music Video

Vaping PSA

"Our Irma Story" Short Documentary

"Baseball" Short Documentary

"Stan Lee" Short Documentary

"Anxiety" PSA

"Somerset Berkley's Got Talent" Show

"History Of Rock and Roll" Short Documentary

"Travel" Short Documentary