Health Instruction

The Saddle Brook School District acknowledges that parents/guardians are the primary family life educators for their child/children and we are committed to partnering with you to provide supplementary resources to support you in this role.

Although we strongly encourage families to have their student participate in these essential health topics, we want to acknowledge that Parents/Guardians do have the option of excluding their child from any portion of sexuality/family life education instruction if it is in conflict with their conscience, morally, or religiously held beliefs. (*Please see the appropriate NJ Statute below)

If this is the case, please send a letter to your child’s principal. Students who are excused will be assigned to a separate classroom for the duration of those identified lessons.

Section: 18A:35-4.7: Parent's statement of conflict with conscience: Any child whose parent or guardian presents to the school principal a signed statement that any part of the instructions in health, family life education or sex education is in conflict with his conscience, or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs shall be excused from that portion of the course where such instruction is being given and no penalties as to credit or graduation shall result therefrom.


All students will acquire the knowledge and skills of what is most essential to become individuals who possess health and physical literacy and pursue a life of wellness by developing the habits necessary to live healthy, productive lives that positively impact their families, schools and communities.


A quality comprehensive health and physical education program fosters a population that:

  • Maintains mental health awareness and relies on social/emotional support systems

  • Engages in a physically active lifestyle

  • Maintains awareness of health and wellness and how to access resources

  • Recognizes the influence of media, peers, technology, and cultural norms in making informed health-related decisions as a consumer of health products and wellness services

  • Practices effective cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Builds and maintains healthy relationships

  • Accepts and respects individual and cultural differences

  • Advocates for personal, family, community, and global wellness and is aware of local, national and global public health and climate change issues.

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