Rio Vista Virtual Spring Break Activities

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  • Dance break! Crank up your music and then hit the pause button randomly for a game of “freeze dance.”

  • Animal race: How many different ways can you move across the room? Hop, gallop, crab walk, bear crawl...

  • Scatter throw pillows on the ground around the couch or bed to make a hot lava obstacle course.

  • Save the big cardboard boxes from your deliveries or ask a neighbor for one. It’s a rocket ship, it’s a fort, it’s a 3-D canvas.

  • Art activities are really relaxing for some kids. Leave out crayons and markers and paper for free drawing.

Outdoor Activities

  • Get a playground ball and kick or throw it at targets on the side of the house, a fence, or a tree for points.

  • Draw a hopscotch course or obstacle course with chalk on the driveway or on the sidewalk in front of your house. Get more ideas for indoor and outdoor obstacle courses.

  • Do an "egg and spoon" race around your house or up the block or to the next telephone pole. Siblings can race each other or one kid can try to beat their time without dropping the egg. (Tip: Try a small potato for considerably less mess — also a bit less thrill.)

  • “Beat the clock” ideas: Fastest 10 laps to the mailbox or most jumping jacks (or burpees or cartwheels or ballet leaps or whatever) in 30 seconds.

Check out these exercise videos links: