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We want to encourage you to use all available resources to promote student success. Attendance + Engagement = Improvement. Every student should be reading at grade level by third grade. Every minute of every day counts toward this goal. One student being tardy to class puts the entire class behind. Missing 2 days per month is enough to keep students below grade level. We are here to help! Please use all of these resources and share your successes with others.

Together we are all better!

Why Attendance Matters

  • Students with good attendance are far more likely to be successful in school.

  • Being present in the classroom helps students develop social skills and friendships.

  • Regular attendance leads to a greater chance of students graduating high school.

  • Attending School is a legal requirement.

  • Attendance Matters, Because YOU Matter.

Attendance in a Traditional Setting

In a traditional setting, students are expected to be physically in class and prepared for learning from the morning bell to dismissal. Students are also expected to abide by Covid-19 guidelines and protocols when on campus.

Attendance in a Virtual Setting

In a virtual setting, students are expected to be present and on-time to synchronous classes. Although not required, students are highly encouraged to turn their cameras on during class. Also, students are encouraged to respect all distance learning expectations.

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