After School Jags

Segerstrom's ASSETs Extended Learning Program

The After School Jags provide fun, free, and educational programs daily.

Normal program hours are 2:50 - 5:50 PM and you can usually find us in the library where we have our appointment-based & drop-in tutoring. In addition, we have spread ourselves around the campus with our other programs, such as Polynesian Dance, W.R.E.P. Workshops, parent programs, and much more! Just take a look at our calendar to see what we are up to!

We have so much to offer!

Make sure and look around. Ask if you don't know. And get to know the staff!

We offer fun events such as field trips to colleges and museums, there is never a dull moment. So make sure to follow us on our social media, listen to the announcements for our events, and know where to go for the latest and greatest.

The Segerstrom ASSETs program is an extended learning program aimed to align and support the school day efforts. Using evidence-based practices, the Segerstrom ASSETs Extended Learning Program is designed to respond to the unique needs and strengths identified by students, teachers, and administrators. The overall goal is to support college and career-ready students by helping them meet state standards in core academic subjects, meet all graduation requirements, and expose them to relevant 21st century Learning Skills.

The ASSETs programs at all schools will be held on the respective school campuses. Safe transportation will be provided to and from the school for any off-site activity offered (field trips, etc.). Participating students are responsible to sign themselves in and out of the program. SAUSD maintains a Safe Schools Plan, and employs sworn police officers to monitor all school campuses. All school sites comply with the facility accessibility standards required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Safe and Easily Accessible Locations: After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) program follows the continuous quality improvement cycle to ensure a high quality program for high school students. The evaluation plan and results are available to the public and can be requested from an ASSETs Site Coordinator.