Social Emotional Help Center

What is SEL?

SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning. Social Emotional Learning is the process of acquiring a set of emotional and mental tools to be successful in one's interpersonal life. Basically, it's learning to take care of our emotions, our relationships, and our mental well being!

Who is SEL for?

Everyone! Although SEL is commonly taught in school, the skill set is not just for kids. Some of the activities we provide on this website will be for everyone in the family.

Why is SEL so important?

Social Emotional Learning provides skills that benefit our day-to-day lives. SEL impacts how we feel about and take care of ourselves. It teaches us the ways to manage social interactions throughout our days. SEL also gives us the resilience to meet our goals! We could go on, but those already seem like pretty good reasons!

SEL Remote Packet

Upon Abbot-Downing School's transition to remote learning. the SEL team sent home a packet of activities to each family. This packet contained weekly activities that target five core components of SEL learning: emotion regulation, healthy self identity, goal setting, decision making, and relationship building We have also uploaded that packet here.