School Counseling

Philosophy and Mission Statement

Our mission as school counselors is to provide a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become lifelong learners. Recognizing individual differences, our program addresses the personal, social, academic and career needs of all students. Our goal is to provide graduates with the competencies necessary to make self-directed, realistic and responsible decisions, and foster individuals who will be contributors in a changing society.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

  • All students have dignity and worth.

  • All students should have access to counseling assistance for addressing their social and emotional needs.

  • All students can achieve and be successful.

  • A quality school counseling program is comprehensive in scope and developmental in nature.

  • A comprehensive guidance program supports a district-wide academic curriculum that seeks to address the educational needs of a diverse population

Our Counseling Team

School Counselor (A-G)

School Counselor (H-Q)

School Counselor (R-Z)

Department Chair

Mental Health Specialist

Special Education Counselor

School Counseling Adminstrative Assistant