Stevens High School Library

Stevens High School Mission

Stevens High School strives for excellence in learning and educates the whole person in an atmosphere that promotes growth. (Est. 2004)

Our Hours

Monday - Friday

7:00 am - 2:30 pm


Mrs. Jean Ryea Media Specialist


Students may check out library books for two weeks. A book may be renewed if no one else has requested the book.

Students are not responsible for fines for overdue books, however students will be expected to replace lost or damaged materials.

For more information about other items of interest at Stevens High School, I encourage you to visit theSHS web site.

Stevens High School Building

Library Services

During class time:

Teachers may sign up to bring classes to the library.

Individual students may use the library, if space and resources are available. However they must have a signed and dated pass from their classroom teacher.

Upon your arrival in the library, you need to sign in at the desk and leave your pass on the counter.

Before and after school hours:

Computers are available for use during this time for academic purposes only.

Remember computers are for school-related work only and you must follow the guidelines in the Responsible Technology Use Policy Agreement.

During Lunch:

Students may use the library during their lunch. (Closed A-Lunch) Freshman and Sophomores will need to sign out of the cafeteria before coming to the library, and are expected to stay until the lunch block is over.

To contact Jean Ryea my e-mail address is:

Core Value Statement

We value a school culture in which all students are encouraged to reach their highest level of individual excellence. We are committed to our students developing the critical thinking and communication skills needed for success in the 21st century. We recognize the importance of students having real world type challenges, to be accomplished with individual creativity and the spirit of collaboration.