Welcome Letter

Welcome to Mrs. May's classroom. This year your child will be learning more organizational skills and given more responsibilities in their class work. As you will see the expectations and work begin to be more difficult in third grade. If we work together as a team we can make the year successful for your child. Communication will be the key to this. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. During class time I do not answer the phone but you may leave me a voice message and I will return your call at my earliest convenience. You may also send an e-mail at: dmay@sau53.org, which I check first thing in the morning, at lunch, and then again after school.

Classroom snack time is not a set specific time. I believe a child should not go hungry. If they are hungry they may eat as long as it does not interfere with my teaching or their seat work. If we find they are unable to do this then, they will have a set time to eat that I am not teaching and they can take a few minutes from work time. I do ask that your child bring in water to drink and healthier options for snack. As always they can purchase a milk and snacks from the cafeteria. They will sign up for milk during morning work. If they do not do this at this time then I can not send them down later as they will be busy making lunch. If your child does purchase a milk they will drink it during a specific time as not to spill it on any classwork. Water is a much better option to clean if spilled. Snack time should not replace breakfast. Please be sure your child eats at home or through the school cafeteria in the morning.

The school continues to follow a wellness policy. This will effect anything your child is served through the school at lunch or through the classroom. Please read the wellness policy on the ECS website if you are not familiar with it. For classroom parties I will send an e-mail home on sign up genius for you to sign up to bring in a treat and/or sign up to volunteer for parties or making a craft. This year there will be three parties that we are allowed to have traditional foods such as cupcakes and brownies etc. These parties will be Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's

This year my classroom will be working on a procedures and strategies for learning through the Daily 5. I have sent home a letter about this but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. We will also be working with Growth mindset. This is a different way of thinking and talking to students. Instead of the student giving up we encourage them to work hard and find a strategy to help them with what they are struggling with. This also changes the way we encourage the students. Instead of encouraging their grades we encourage the effort they are putting into their work as well as their growth.

We will no longer have a set AR time this will come during the Daily 5 called read to self. This option has to be choosen every day. Your child will still be given a goal to meet every trimester. Some of the homework every night will be for your child to read for at least 15 minutes. They may bring home the book they are reading in school so it will allow them to take tests and help them complete their goal.

In writing you child will be writing paragraphs, research papers, narratives, letters, opinions, and informative and explanatory texts. This will be in daily writing as well as in longer pieces. Each Friday your child will be asked to write a letter to their parents. It will start out as one paragraph and get longer as the year progresses. This will inform the parent about their week. Please take a few moments over the weekend to read this and reply to your child. They will then bring this in on Monday to get credit for it.

In math we will be continuing working on Math Facts in a Flash which they worked on last year in second grade. We will start your child at the beginning of this program. If they know their facts then they should zip through all of the facts they have already mastered. This is a good practice for them. Along with our math class time we will have a time for Accelerated Math. Some of the students are familiar with this. The beginning of the year each child will be given a Star Math test. This will help place the students with the correct area in this program. The child will be working at his/her level during this time. The children will be completing assignments and tests to help them succeed in this program. They will also be working on IXL this will be done in the classroom. Each student will be expected to complete 30 minute weekly. If they do not take advantage of their class time to complete this they will have to finish their 30minutes at home over the weekend. The homework page will state what lessons they should be working on.

Your child will be expected to follow school rules within the classroom as well as RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

We will be working on a behavior system in third grade. Your child will be placed on a chart (Ready to Learn) as the time progresses if they are working well and making the right choices they can be moved up levels on this chart. If they make a bad choice they may be moved down. You child can move up and down throughout the chart through out the day. At the end of the day if they are on one of the top three choices on the chart they will receive tickets. If they are on the bottom two they will not. The tickets can be turned in for prizes and activities that we will come up with as a class.

Thank you for your time. With the partnership of parent and teacher we will all have a successful year.

Darcy May