The Lancer Ledger

The Student Voice of the Henry W. Moore School

Articles Submitted During the 2021-2022 School Year

My Dragons

By Everett Wobbe

Earth Dragon

I drew an earth dragon. It was created in space and bigger than the earth. It created 3 element dragons, fire, water and air. On top of the dragon it has a tree and some animals. Birds are also flying around. I made those things on the dragon because it is the earth. The little blue dot is the earth so the dragon is very huge. Below the dragon's chin is a waterfall. My favorite part is the red bird, because I like the sound of birds.

Wind Dragon

The wind dragon was created in the sky. There was an egg in the clouds and it hatched. Inside was this wyvern. It can create thunderstorms, create rain and control the weather. The tail quills can shoot a lightning bolt and can burn people very bad. This is my favorite dragon because of the shape of the snout.

Amethyst Dragon

I drew this dragon for nurse Megan and it is one of the very powerful elements. It was created by the cosmos and galaxies. This is the amethyst dragon. It is a wyvern and also a sea serpent. It lives in caves that have amethyst. It can create walls around itself when it is threatened. But when it wants to fight something it will create sharp spikes that will spin around it. It is very powerful and colorful. My favorite has to be the crystals that are all around it.

New Years

By Aubrey Loszewski

We celebrate New Year's every January 1st. New Year's Eve takes place every December 31st. There are many different kinds of celebrations in many different countries. One thing is similar in every single country, most people stay up until twelve o clock. New Years is a national holiday in some countries but not all countries consider it a national holiday.

New Years celebrates the new year to come. Most people stay up until twelve o'clock pm to watch the ball drop. Watching the ball drop means that there is a big ball, and it drops at exactly twelve o’ clock pm on New Years Eve. It happens in Times Square in New York City every single year.

On New Years Eve, over 12,000,000 people go to Times Square to watch the ball drop. Some people will get there at 12:00 am the day before just to be in the front row. Some people drive all the way to New York City just to see the ball drop, then go back. You need to pay a lot of money to get to New York City so make sure you have a lot of money whatever your transportation is.

People will travel for hours, sometimes days and just be there for like 2 minutes! It takes up so much time! Seeing the ball drop is amazing and wonderful to see. The ball lights up so many different colors. When it gets to 10 seconds before midnight, the countdown begins! The ball lights up and starts to drop. People are cheering happily, blowing horns and counting down. The ball is almost 200 feet wide and 150 feet tall.

Seeing the ball drop is amazing to see! If you can’t go to New York city, watching the ball drop is on television too! The hardest part is not falling asleep while you are trying to watch the ball drop. You especially don’t want to fall asleep while you are at Times Square! Don’t worry if you do fall asleep though, because you can see the ball drop every single year! It’s crazy that every year you can watch the ball drop!

In either Japan or Germany, it’s a tradition that if you eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds, then you get good luck in the new year! I don’t think very many people have actually done it, but a few might've done it before. It must be really hard to do it. Many people don’t know if this fact is true or not, but some do. In another country, there is a traditional parade involving a dragon mascot. The dragon mascot is very famous and popular around the world.

My Experience with Cheerleading

By Stella Kennedy

Hi, I'm Stella, an 11 year old competitive cheerleader. I'm going to talk about what it is like to be a cheerleader and about the time I met a famous cheerleader. “1,2,3,4”, counted my coaches for the stunts for the elite stunt. The elite stunt is our main stunt. Some of the help I have had for stunting is S.W.A.T team private lessons. This helps me get better at more difficult stunting . So if a flyer gets hurt I could fill in for them on a team of older cheerleaders, like Y3 Or J3.I also do private lessons with one of my team coaches and one of the tumbling coaches. I'm working on a skill called standing tucks. When my friend Maddy Brum was in Massachuchets I did stretching lessons with her. She is on the second season of a show called Cheer. She is a college level cheerleader. She cheers for Navarro Junior College in Texas. She has won many national and world titles. WIth Maddy Brum I learned how to do many new things like a kick needle and a front stretch tic-toc. With Maddy Brum she ran a flyer for a stretch private lesson which is really good for me for stretching.. Maddy Brum also works for Action Spirit which is a cheer camp . Action helps cheer gyms make routines. One of the Action Spirit people work at our cheer gym.

Student Council

By Gretchen Greco

SCL student counsel is a fun activity group that plans some of the spirit week and other activities. It is a fun group and 5th graders can join next year. If they do there will be more people to do fun activities! It will be a good year for SCL we can do fun activities for the seasons it will be fun so next year come join SCL ! You and your friends can have a good time in SCL so sign up next year!

The Cross Country Team

By Rebecca Gill and Naomi Tracy

Hello, we would like to introduce the cross country team. On the boys team we have Remy Alf, Mason Lacman, Micheal Moran, Eli Median, Micheal Lemu, Willam Bradshaw, Henry Gill, and Ben Lord. And on the girls cross country team we have Naomi Tracy, Rebecca Gill, Kelise Keefe, Reagan Kirkpatrick, Ellie Cox, Vianna Taylor, and Mora Kirkpatrick. We have had a great season, and at our league meet Willam placed in the top twenty. Good job Willam! We have had a great season and there have been many improvements this season so great job team. I would also like to thank Coach Prebble and Coach Steven for encouraging us at practices. We hope we have a great season next year and try again to beat our time. Go Lancers!

What it is Like to Be In the Spelling Bee

By Jackson Shepard

Last year, I participated in the school spelling bee. I got my practicing sheets in November, if I remember correctly. I didn’t really practice until three months before the spelling bee. When I noticed how soon the spelling bee was, I started PRACTICING! When the trial test came out, I did it of course. I got half score and made it in. By then I was practicing my head off. It got so intense that by the last month I was practicing on the bus, and anyone that rides the bus knows that it’s very loud. When it was finally the day, I let my dog lick my face for good luck, then I was off. The whole bus ride I was practicing, the whole day I was waiting, and then finally it was time. I went down to the gym with my computer and found my spot. After a little while I spelled something incorrectly. But I came in 3rd place!

The Fashion Report

By Londyn Huertas

Platform heels, the ultimate ankle breaker! They may seem intimidating, however when you really get used to them they aren't so bad to wear. There are a wide variety like platform boots, platform heels, platform sneakers and even platform crocs. Right now I myself own 10 pairs including 2 pairs of Miley Cyrus x Converse sneakers. And then you have the famous brands like Dr. Martens and Demonia. People started wearing platforms in the 1930's. The first modern platform was made by Moshe Kimel for actress Marlene Dietrich. You can wear platforms with almost anything but my recommendation is wearing them with long baggy pants or a cute pleated skirt. You can find cheap cute platforms on Amazon. I’d say buying them off of Amazon is a lot better than buying off of any other website because you’ll be able to find them for cheaper and they will arrive earlier. Platforms are for everyone there will always be something for everyone with colors, heights, styles. That’s all I have for this week. Please be sure to drink water and enjoy yourself and wear whatever you feel comfortable in.


By Cameron Rivais, Aubrey Loszewski and Evie Palmer

Cheetahs are very fascinating for many reasons! Cheetahs have black spots on them! They are the fastest animals! They run the fastest out of all animals.They can run about 250 miles per hour. Cheetahs mostly live in sandy places. No one has had a pet cheetah before. Cheetahs like plants and they are a type of cat.

Their orange skin helps them blend in. They can climb trees to hide and pounce on prey! They are not the fiercest cat, but they are the fastest! When it comes to catching prey, they also attend to sneak up on it slowly so it doesn't hear the cheetah coming. Cheetahs mostly sleep in shady areas such as trees, bushes and a lot of other places. cheetahs thin fur helps them stay cool.

A Bit of Fiction

The Fish Tail

By Paige, Olivia, Azlynn ,Grace and Isabella

This is a story about a magical fish named Bob. Bob was just a boy when he realized he had special powers.This is how it all began.. He was lonely in his fish tank because all of his friends found new owners. There was a cat though the cat’s name is Lily, she got in trouble. A lot, but was nice to the people.

One day a cat tried to attack Bob. It got out of hand and the fish tank fell over. Bob flew through the air out of the water which made him stop breathing. At last Bob began to breathe. Plop. Bob landed on the table. Suddenly he started to breathe really heavily.

He began to fly through the air because the cat flung him off the table. Bob realized he had magical powers. Bob decided to use his powers to go on adventures.Bob has been anywhere from The sea to the Nyc skyscrapers! Bob had a list of places he wanted to go to, but he kept doing the same stuff at the places, eating, seeing sites, he thought and thought and thought more and then..

It hit him. ”What if I go to space?” said Bob. That thought went through his head several times. “Finally I'm done!” Bob said.

Bob woke up to a spaceship in his backyard. When he stepped out of bed he started to put his gear on his helmet, his costume, and his fin protector. After he went to the spaceship and then he stepped in and closed the door with his powers. When it launched he left for space! About an hour later into the ride the ship started to shake and then the worst thing that could happen came true it exploded. Bob knew he had to do something so he used his powers to bring everyone home he Had saved everyone and sadly died. That was the story of Bob the magical Fish and heroic fish who saved the world!