Family and Consumer Science

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Foods and Nutrition students gathered their trowels and rakes and headed to the new Hip Peas Farm in Hooksett, NH in May. Students were welcomed by farmers and staff, toured the land, and learned the tricks and tips to plant a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables . Watch this video, created by two of our talented students, to see how excited the classes were to be involved in this amazing opportunity! We're so grateful to the farm staff and the New England's Tap House Grille staff and owners for including our students in their newest endeavor. We can't wait to return to the Farm to harvest!

Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Tremblay

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Hello! Welcome to our website! If you are reading this, it's likely that you are a student in one of the Family and Consumer Science classes offered at David Cawley Middle School.

Please click on the links at the left to discover what each class is learning this quarter. Keep reading here to learn a little bit about me. This is my sixth year teaching at David Cawley Middle School, but I have taught in several other school settings. Prior to Cawley Middle School, I taught in one of the Derry school district middle schools, and before that in a rural high school in northwest New Jersey.

My favorite course in college was Experimental Foods, and that sparked a career in food research and development after college. Do you love peanut butter? I worked on a delicious product called Skippy Roasted Honey Nut that Best Foods R&D was formulating at the time. We experimented with honey flavors and chunky peanut sizes that worked best in the peanut butter, and yes, I got to taste a lot of it! You can buy it now in grocery stores, look for the red lid. Ever wonder how gummy bears are made? At my next job I made hundreds and hundreds trying to find the best flavor and sweetener balance for a company called Hoechst Celenese. I worked on yogurt, beverages, and other dessert products too.

After these great jobs and raising my children to school age, I returned to college to pursue my teaching certification. I have been teaching for about 14 years since then. I'm happy to be teaching at David Cawley now, and I'm excited for a wonderful year!