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Meet the Finalists for the Next Superintendent of Schools

SAU 15 Superintendent Finalist Bios

William John Van Bennekum

William Van Bennekum earned his Certificate of Educational Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Educational Leadership Superintendent Certification K-12 in 2016 from Plymouth State University. He holds a Master’s of Science majoring in School Administration Principal Certification K-12 from Old Dominion University in Virginia. Currently, he is the Principal at Holderness Central School and has held this position for the last ten years. Before moving to SAU 48, he worked as Assistant Principal at Chesapeake Public School and grade 6 math teacher from 1992-2007. He relocated to Gilford in 2007 to become Principal at Holderness Central School. He feels the decade at Holderness Central School has allowed him to develop the needed leadership skills for Superintendent of SAU 15. As the sole administrator, he has had first-hand experience in everything from budget preparations to curriculum and instruction. Working closely with the Superintendent for the past four years he has been able to observe, discuss, and learn about being a district leader. He states he possesses the characteristics of integrity, responsiveness, and ethical judgment needed to solve the complex issues surrounding public schools.

Christopher Pratt

Christopher Pratt obtained his Certificate of Educational Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Educational leadership and management in 2005 and had worked over 23 years both in private and public educational settings. Chris obtained his Master’s in Education in 1999 from Simmons College. Currently, he is the Superintendent of Windham Southwest Supervisory Union in VT. He oversees seven school districts, housing six schools, eight boards and over 40 board members. Prior to 2014, he worked as Principal, Assistant Principal, Special Education teacher as well as various other positions. Christopher enjoys spending time in the schools interacting with both the students and the staff. He looks forward to working with the schools and the community to prepare the students to be tomorrows leaders by assuring they become lifelong learners.

Christine Denise Martin

Christine Martin earned her Doctorate from Plymouth State University in 2016. She began teaching in 1988, and through 2015 she worked in various roles including music teacher, Director of Fine Arts, Director of Greater Manchester Professional Development Center and Principal of Webster Street School. Currently, Christine is working as Principal in SAU 37 at Beech Street Community Elementary School where she moved to support the children of the school when their Principal left mid-year. Before this she spent two years as Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education in Manchester supporting 14 elementary principals, supervising transportation, writing policies and overseeing the Office of Student Services. She looks forward to bringing her strong communication and work ethic to SAU 15.

Important Dates to Remember!

December 17- Class Update

Can you believe that December is coming to an end?

We have a fun and busy week planned!

We will be focusing on syllables and breaking words apart to help students decode multisyllabic words. We will continue to focus on needs vs wants and the spirit of giving, not receiving. :) In math, we will continue to count on from 10 to 20, with a focus on place value. I will try to keep as much structure as possible, as most children have a difficult time with too much excitement and change :)

At Underhill, we do not have Holiday parties, however, we do have a fun Spirit week planned! Please help your child participate so that they feel a sense of belonging and cheer!

Mon- 12/18- Wear your favorite warm sweater and/or socks. Yes, it can be an "ugly" or festive sweater!

Tues- 12/19- Wear your favorite holiday colors!

Wed- 12/20-Grinch Day- dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss Grinch character (silly hair, etc)

Thurs- 12/21- Wear blue, white, silver and/or sparkles to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

Fri- 12/22- Pajama Day! We will also celebrate with hot cocoa, cookie decorating, a short movie and an assembly!

I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Healthy start to the New Year!

~Kim Newcomb :)

December Update- Dec. 3, 2017

We have been so busy this past month!

In Reading, we stopped and reviewed all of the short vowel sounds. The students are more secure overall with their vowels. When reading with your child, please remind them of their vowel mix ups if you notice it. I typically notice e/i confusion with some students still.

Digraphs (sh, ch, __tch, th, and wh__ )have been introduced.

R-controlled vowel teams (ar, or, __ore, er, ir, ur) have also been introduced.

The students are definitely beginning to feel the pace pick up in the reading program.

I plan to stop and do a review of short vowels, digraphs and r-controlled vowel teams the week prior to the holiday break so that when we return at the start to the New Year, we will dive right into long vowels.

Please make sure your child is reading the paper decodables that come home. These decodables are perfect for students to practice all of these introduced skills and sight words. However, they are often silly :)

In Math, we are working on Shapes and Patterns. We are working on identifying Plane and Solid Shapes and their characteristics. We have been exploring them and making picture models. We love doing "gallery walks" to see each other's work. We're also experimenting to see if they roll, slide or stack. We are enjoying this Chapter a lot!

Next week, we're moving on to Place Value. We're going to be building numbers in different ways. This will lead us into double digit addition and subtraction later in the year.

In Writing, we are working on learning the WWW, What 2, How 2 Process.

Who is the main character? When did the story take place? Where did the story take place? What did the character do or want to do?

Then what happened? How did the story end? How did the main character feel?

At this time, we are working on finding the evidence to these questions as we do read alouds and story discussions, as a class.