Bonjour et Bienvenue

Bonjour et bienvenue à la classe de français! Enchaté, my name is Monsieur Bickford, the French teacher here at Cawley Middle School. Your child will be either continuing, or starting, the World Language Program here at Cawley Middle School. Students who are part of this program will attend our French class during the school day as part of the Unified Arts program as their 5th academic subject.

Here in French class, what we focus on changes and evolves depending on the grade level:

  • 8th grade French 1, Part 2- techniques for confidence in speaking a world language which involve more advanced structures and vocabulary such as new tenses (past tense, future tense), irregular verbs like Savoir, Connaître, Vouloir, and Venir, learning the other two basic verb endings, -IR and -RE, and practicing more real-life conversations.
  • 7th grade French 1, Part 1- beginning topics such as such as regular -ER verbs, the irregular verbs of Avoir, Faire, and Être, and various vocabulary topics including family, people, classroom objects, and food.
  • 6th grade Introduction to French- students will receive an introduction to French culture as a whole, learning topics such as greetings, colors, numbers, along with other various vocabulary words and simple sentence structure, as well as understanding cognates and getting a better grasp on Francophone culture as a whole.

The grading scale for all French classes is as follows:

Classwork- 30%

Homework- 10%

Projects- 25%

Quizzes- 15%

Tests- 20%


Email (Prefered)-

Phone Extension: x5118