Therapy for the relationally curious.

Dear human, 

Therapy can look an endless number of ways. 

I most appreciate and enjoy the ways in which the therapeutic relationship highlight relational dynamics in your larger world.  

Whatever happens in-session is fodder for more insight into how you approach both the external world 

as well as your internal world, i.e. your experience of yourself.

For example, how you verbally swerve to avoid a topic in-session may mimic the way you avoid conflict with a partner,

which perhaps mimics how you historically stayed safe with a childhood caregiver.

I'm interested in the content of your day, but even more so, I'm interested in what's happening underneath the content,

or, the process in the moment in you and between us, and within yourself.

If this approach sparks interest, please schedule a video consultation via phone or email to explore our fit.